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Hi all, I'm 20 years old,and F1 Visa. Unfortunately, I got DUI in October 2013. I hired attorney to represent me for DUI, and I guilty on this Tuesday.(OWI) I am planning going back to China this year, will I have any problem to renew my F1 Visa? I know I am not qulifiy automatic bar anymore, but what kinds of docs I need to renew my Visa? Will they reject me? My overall GPA is 3.3 or above.
A certified copy of the court's final disposition of the DUI case. Hire a lawyer ASAP, best for lawyer to submit a...
I was a passenger in the backseat. After the driver passed the sobriety test (and the driver did not give consent to search the vehicle) all the passengers myself included were taken out and put to the side of the road. After this the officer proceeded to search the car. He found a bottle of alcohol that i took claim to.
If there was no consent nor arrest of anyone, I think it may be a good fight. Was it in plain view of the officer from...
The other night while sitting in a vacant parking lot my friend got pulled over. Well the cop did a breathealyzer and he passed. I'm a 16 year old male from Michigan, well I blew a .026. Since my friend passed his breathealyzer and had no reason to get pulled over and there was no evidence I was drinking could the charge be potentially dropped. I had one shot and we didn't have alcohol on us so it's not like he really had proof I was drinking. Any answers would be helpful!!
Best course of action would be to hire an attorney here. The Prosecuting Attorney is not likely just to drop the...
i'm filing for appeal with an attorney. i had major life changing events that made me want to get my life together, but it didn't happen in AA. i started going only because attorney said to, but i maintain sobriety out of aa. i have a sponsor, and an appeal letter from him and other letters mention AA. should i even consider appeal without eating, sleeping, breathing AA? I'm confident in my sobriety(abstinence), but not confident that i know all AA crap off the top of my head. i kept losing sign in sheets so i don't have those.
In order to succeed with the Driver Assessment and Appeal Division ("DAAD"), you will likely need to prove "documented...
On Saturday night I got into a car with my roommate who was drinking and after the accident we switched places because she was under 21 and had a prior Zero Tolerance in Illinois. Is it better for me to stick with what I have been charged with or to come clean?
Stop talking on this list and hire a lawyer ASAP
He said he followed me for three miles before he pulled me over but i stopped at my brothers house in the time frame that he said he was following me. can I get my case dismissed?
You need to hire a competent criminal defense attorney in your area to represent you. It is not unusual for the...
Arrest made in January and I have just secured an attorney in the county of my arrest. They will try to go for court supervision and also attempt to overturn the suspension. I don't hold much hope on overturning the suspension.
Depends on when IL reports it, which depends upon the circuit clerk.