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First was in WI approximately 10 years prior, then Minn. then 6 years later 2 in WI. At the time was told just don't drive in Minnesota, in Oct when I renewed my license the DMV said I need to take care of this soon or my license will be revoked or I may have a warrant sent out. as this would be my 4th , a very serious offense,are there alternatives? Is the Minn. dui still active after probably 12 years? Would today's laws count or when the Minn. dui occurred? would it count as my second or 4th since I have 2 since? I did jail for the 2 in WI and nothing was ever brought up about Minn. the whole time.. thank you
I'm confused. Did you go to court on your MN DWI or did you skip out on it?
The car was 20 feet from the road next to a farmer's field, the car was not running...is there a statute about being off the legal roadway?
Yes it happens. See for instance your brother's case. The state has to prove it. They probably have circumstantial...
last offense was in 2000
For OWI counting purposes, no. Even if your first two OWI offenses were more than 10 years apart, and were, therefore,...
I am wondering if i can still get a CDL with two dui's convictions. I never have obtained a CDL prior to this, just have had a regular class d license
If they are recent, no. But if one of them is over 8 years old you may be able to get a CDL.
I didn't get pulled over. i went in the ditch, got picked up and went to the bar for a few hours then got a ride home. Cops came to my house at 4 am and arrested me and drew my blood.
No attorney on this forum will be able to give you an accurate assessment of whether you have a defendable case....
I was in a car accident and they assumed i was drunk. the police took me to the hospital where i thought i was just going to get my lip stitched up. i told the doctors i do not want any IV's or needles stuck in me besides the one for the stitches. I am against them. The officer asked if he could do a blood test. i said no. The doctors restrained me down and put a drug in my arm that knocked me out. even though i made it clear i did not want to be sedated, or have anything stuck in my arms. they stitched my lip and i had three needles in my arm when i had awaken. At the jail, I did take a breathalyzer. I later come to find out they took a blood test and will be using it against me in court. Is this legal? How could they still do what they did after my requests at the hospital?
Good questions from someone who assumes we are not living in a police state! Wisconsin law is that they can do this....
Is it possible and how would i do so
Going on through an appeal process without an attorney is very difficult and leads to lots of problems that can be...