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I recently got my commercial license and. Its really hard to find a job because of my h6 I don't have a dui . Just speeding
Can I clear my h6 records ? All my tickets are payed off and my driving record has been clean since 5years.
Contact DMV Mandatory Action Unit in Sacramento and see if record can be purged. This could be difficult- but worth the try.
I have 3 dui's in 4 years and just violated my probation, what am i looking at ?
i am current receiving disability and have a brain disorder, i need some directions on my options and what consequenses am i facing, i have 2 duis and received a third one which violates my probation a week ago.
Nothing good. You're looking at whatever part of your sentence that was stayed during probation and the maximum penalty...
I got a ticket for DUI for drugs?
They stop me for the reason the cop said was that I stop at a dime whatever tat means they embraced me to the fullest after the million test the did even breath test and put me under arrest. Took me down to the station and continue to give me more test and again give me breath test and every time it can out 0.00. Then after when they were frustrated they force me to give them a blood sample and didn't let me see the documents of my rights or didn't want to let me go after they draw my blood they give me my ticket on the ticket the time they written it out was 10:01pm I was nearly arriving at the station at that time. So my question is how do u written a ticket for something u haven't even determine yet when I didn't arrive to west valley till 1:13 am. Please if u could help me out I'll be thankful.
I'm not sure exactly what you're asking, but DUI drugs is generally a misdemeanor. That means they can release you...
Use of online certificate for court and DUI class to ask for early probation termination.
I have been on informal probation for over 2 years for first offender here in SB. I have paid the fines but have yet to start the classes. I have been given an opportunity to take a job abroad and need to get off probation. Will the court (I read not the DMV) accept an online certificate for substitute for the DUI class the DMV wants? I want to present the online certificate and ask for early termination of probation (not dismissal). Is this too alien to even ask? How much would an attorney charge and what paper work does she/he file so I can compare costs. Thanks.
Early termination of probation is highly unlikely if you have not completed the terms of probation. If completing the...
Can a misdemeanor DUI affect my green card application
misdemeanor dui arrest
it will need to be disclosed and may delay your application. contact an immigration attorney for specific details of...
Can a police officer make you take a chemical test if he or she doesn't arrest you for DUI. I got charged with a pc148 not a DUI
I got pulled over for window tint. Police officer asked me to take a pas test but I refuse she wanted me to do a roadside test I also refuse. She place me under arrest for pc148 and took me to jail. At the jail she wanted me to take a chemical test. At this time I remaind silent. My question is do I have to submit to a chemical test if I am not arrested or charged for DUI at the time of arrest. DMV is wanting to take my lincense because in their eyes I refused. But I thought only if being arrested for DUI do I have to consent to a chemical test????? Basically I got charged for pc148 and the arresting officer gave me a punk paper with refusal on it. DA has not filed charges and wants to reduce charges for plea agreement. But DMV is not. Should I take this case to a appeal attorney?
You should have had a DMV hearing, and one of the issues is whether there is probable cause to arrest for DUI. You...
I am being charged with VC 23152(a) Driving under the influence sections 23540(a)/23546(a) prior convictions, HS11378 posession
I am being charged with VC 23152(a) Driving under the influence sections 23540(a)/23546(a) prior convictions, HS11378 posession of sale of a controlled substance, VC12500(a) unlicensed driver. For the DUI it says I have prior convictions, I got charged with DUI before but got it lowered to wet reckless. Am I going to have to do jail time? How much if any? Is there any chance of getting any of the charges lowered? I was released on "O.R.". I was stopped for a broken headlight only. I only got caught with 3 grams. It was for personal use. No baggies, scale, or money. And what if I hadn't used any meth yet the day I was arrested, but it showed up in my blood?? I was charged with my first DUI prior to this, but it was lowered to wet reckless. Does that still count as DUI?
Wow--you have raised a host of questions, many of which have no simple answers. I suggest that you contact some of the...