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  • Martinson wants sentence reduced

    Tuesday Aug 1 | via Lakeland Times 

    The 19-year-old former Rhinelander woman who killed her mother and stepfather March 7, 2015 in their town of Piehl home has filed a motion seeking a reduction in sentence. Ashlee Martinson was sentenced to 23 years initial confinement last June, after pleading no contest to two counts of second-degree intentional homicide.


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  • News

    Jul 19, 2017 | via Lakeland Times 

    Oneida County continued this week its push to fire detective sergeant Sara Welcenbach for the alleged theft of drug-unit funds, while prosecutors formally dismissed felony charges against Welcenbach in the same matter, in a two-day hearing packed with stunning revelations. Tuesday, August 1, 2017 The Vilas County board last week approved a resolution authorizing the county's Commission on Aging to submit a notice of intent to submit an application to operate an aging and disability resource center .


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Rhinelander Law

In the state of Wisconsin, if you receive an underage drinking ticket, how is it registered? is it registered as a misdemeanor?
I was not out in public but drinking in my own house.
It is considered an ordinance violation. It is similar to getting a traffic ticket. It is not a crime, so it would not...
Can my probation officer extend probation for an additional year for driver safety noncompliance
Been on probation for 15 months now out of 18. For DUI 2. I was in non compliance with my driver safety plan. I went twice a week for a full year and was driven so far into debt it's not funny.I haven't driven a vehicle as well as a result of well just can't afford it with the intoxilock and car and insurance and reinstatement. Lost my job cause of my DUI.. Ok. After all that bs can they really extend me for another year on probation for being in non compliance with driver safety program. So E more info. They wanted to extend it four months for driver safety program and demanded 150 dollars I couldn't come up with it by the time they wanted it so that's why I was put in non compliance
First of all, unless you consent to it, only a judge can extend your probation. The probation statute limits...
The nurse found I was on probation and called the police? Is this legal.
Iam on probation for dui offense. I went to the hospital for chest pain. I had alcohol on my breath so they took my blood. Did nothing for me and called the cops later on I was told they handed over my blood results and I was locked up let out two days later. Is all this legit practice or legal?probation or not where is Hippa? Or a warrent for the blo
Unless there is something unique about WI law, it does seem like a violation--even something that would discourage...
What must appear on an underage citation for oneida county wisconsin
does it need to have a street address or po box ok? does it need to have a time to appear?
I am not sure I understand your questions. Technically, nothing must appear on the ticket, as the officer/prosecuting...
I'm a licensed Wisconsin driver that was arrest for a DUI in IL. What are the options for first time offenders in this case?
I hold a valid WI drivers license and was arrested in IL for a DUI. The officer had problems with his breathalyzer and made me blow twice, got frustrated because it was dysfunctional and then arrested me. He wrote in the report that I blew 0.16 but then also stated I refused the test. I have never been arrested before and have an amazingly clean driving record. I am wondering what my options are (I go to school full-time) with the different "state" issue. Thank you!
You are eligible for what IL calls court supervision this avoids a conviction for IL purposes. However, your llicense...
Is 5 months too long to wait for blood tests following a dwi charge in WI?
I got pulled over in early May for speeding. There was marijuana in the vehicle. The officer performed a field sobriety test and breathalizer on scene, I passed both. I was then taken to hospital for blood draw and arrested. It has been almost 5 months and there is still no results. Is it normal to take this long? Should I pursue or is it true the longer it takes the better defense I have?
There is no standard rule that the longer it takes for anything, including getting blood test analysis results back...
Well I have to do jail time for a third DUI or is there a chance I can do the bracelet??
I just received my third DUI because I hit a tree.
There's a required 45 day jail minimum sentence for OWI 3rd in Wisconsin. If you're convicted there's no way around...