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What should i do if i got a dui less safe 0.069 and i got pulled over for unlawful blue lights should i get a lawyer
should i get a lawyer when i go to court
You're almost always better off with a lawyer. It's dangerous to discuss your case with a prosecutor yourself, and a...
How much jail time will my husband get for unpaid court fine and not showing up to court and can I just pay his fine while he's
Last April 2016, my husband was arrested. He was stopped driving for a roll and stop. The car wasn't registered, suspended license, uninsured as well. The judge let him go on the condition that he pay his fine. Well due to money issues he never did. Now April of 2017 they came to the house and arrested him yesterday. He calls and says while booking that all he needed to pay was his fine and they will let him out. But he hasn't been to his first arraignment or a bond has not been set. Is there any truth to what he saying? Is it best just to wait till he sees the judge and go from there?
Based on what you have provided here, this sounds like a violation of probation case. If so, it is unlikely that he...
What will happen if I violate probation for a dui because I tested positive for alcohol
This is my first time texted positive for alcohol in system while on probation for a dui.
A lot depends upon what the attitude of the PO is toward you and your progress during probation. Best to get a lawyer...
Im on probation for improper tag how many days in jail could I spend if I just want to get it over with.. Clayton county
How many days in jail for a failur to register tag ?
The most you could do is 1 year, but you're probably facing a fine. Get the tag fixed and try negotiating a deal.
Can I get married with a warrant for my arrest, it's been over 5 yrs?
Pulled over for loud music and no insurance, driving on suspended license and marijuana under ounce. Put on probation, I payed some off but left state. It was over 5 yrs ago.
Well, can you renew your driver's license or ID, or take a cruise or a flight, or even a bus ride ? The people who...
I have to do 10 days in Clayton county GA can I get 2 for 1
First dui
The attorney who handled this matter should be able to answer this question for you
My fiancé has a open case pending and he's currently on probation (misdemeanor) he's just got locked up for giving false name
What could happen? He's in jail for giving a false name they have him two tickets driving on a suspended license and for the tag light bulb being out he's currently on probation (misdemeanor) and have a open giving a false name a new charge?
Yes, giving a false name is a new charge as is driving on a suspended license. He obviously faces punishment for these...