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  • Child rape suspect returned from Guatemala

    Wednesday Jul 13 | via 

    A Chelsea man who was deported to Guatemala a decade ago after he allegedly raped an 11-year-old girl in Revere will be returned to Massachusetts to face charges, according to the Suffolk district attorney's office. Rony Vasquez, 42, was arrested by federal marshals in Houston Tuesday night, after he got off a plane from Guatemala, prosecutors said in a statement.


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  • Man shot, two men in custody after Saturday house pa...

    Sunday Jul 3 | via 

    A holiday party on Revere Street turned violent late Saturday night, ending with one man shot and another two in custody, according to authorities. The victim, a 27-year-old Stoneham man, was in critical but stable condition late Sunday morning, Jake Wark, spokesman for Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley, said in a statement.


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  • Police: Revere Man Arrested For Attacking Beachgoers...

    Jun 19, 2016 | via CBS Local 

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  • Police Briefs 06-15-2016

    Jun 15, 2016 | via Revere Journal 

    Carlos A. Cardoza, 43, of 263 Park Ave., was arrested on charges of operation of a motor vehicle while under the influence of liquor , negligent operation of a motor vehicle, leaving the scene of an accident after causing property damage, and resisting arrest. Alex S. Cataldo, 44, of 67 Furness St., was arrested on a charge of assault & battery by means of a dangerous weapon.


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Revere Law

My husband is trying to get a job as a driver for a livery service.
In 2006 he was charged with DUI and found guilty in 2007. It was a one time occurence, and has not had any issues with the law, or DUI's. Can he be refused the job?
The livery company can refuse to hire him because of his OUI conviction. If they make an adverse hiring decision based...
I was arrested on a dwi, my breath analyzer came back 0.4 , they subsequently did a blood test without asking me...
the blood work came back all negative except .79ng/ml of adivan of which i have a prescription for covering anxiety and depression, how much trouble am i in? i live in Revere Ma 02151 and the arrest was made in Concord NH?
I assume its a .04. It should be dismissed
My boyfriend was just deported to Brazil because the USCIS denied the I-246. He was caught by police driving drunk in 2004
plus he was deported before. We was planning to get married next month (April 2013). Now i don't know what to do. If we get married in Brazil, he will be able to came back the USA? Worth apply to came back? Could you help me? I asked to a lawyer she said she brings him in 3 months after get married. She wants $ 4,000.00 for the process. Could you help me?
It is extremely unlikely that he would be able to come back, even if you got married. It MAY be possible in 10 years,...
What will happen if prosecutors decline my QWOF plea?
I was arrested on an OUI charge and was arraigned today. I plan to plea QWOF and look for my hardship license immediately. What will happen if my QWOF plea isnt accepted by the prosecutors? Do I then plead guilty?
You should look into hiring an attorney. You can still ask the judge for a CWOF even if the prosecutor recommends...
Driving after oui suspension ?
I made the mistake of driving after oui suspension because I didn't know how it works. They say there's a minimum jail sentence for that. So am I 100% going to jail
You are correct that the statue calls for a minimum mandatory sentence. However, if you get a lawyer who fights hard...
What do i do for an out of state DUI
I live in Massachusetts but i was visiting my daughter in Maryland when i was pulled over for a DUI. I plead guilty at the out of state hearing and they suspended my license for a year. On the plea form there are various restrictions such as needing a device installed in my car and only being able to drive to my doctor apartments, to get the device re-calibrated and to AA meetings. Massachusetts has since sent me a letter stating my license is revoked for a year. Do the restrictions set by Maryland transfer to Massachusetts?
They should, you should call the lawyer who represented you in Maryland to find out what to do here in Massachusetts....
What can be done so my insurance doesnt go up, my record shows I am a felon when I am not and get my CDL back
In 2000 got arrested for DUI in Massachusetts, went to court and the judgement was a CWOF . Then in 2014 was arrested again for a DUI in Massachusettes (asleep with the car parked, but keys in ignition, etc..basically a cop trying to say something happened that didnt) anyhow went to court and was found not guilty. I am told I am now considered a FELON. How is that when I was found NOT GUILTY in a court w/jurors. My insurance has gone up, I lost my CDL and I cant go for many jobs because I am a FELON. Is there a way to correct this? Because if you are found not guilty but still end up with the consequences of someone guilty then that was a waste of $10k with a lawyer.
Your cod from 2000 should not have any effect on your cdl license. You should get in touch with an attorney who deals...