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  • Kill and Run Review

    Tuesday May 24 | via BellaOnline 

    Years ago a driver in a black truck plowed down Officer Nicholas Gates while he was on a routine speeding stop. Thirteen years later his widow, Cameron Gates, finds out the FBI has arrested her husband's killer when they changed the hit and run charge to murder.


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I need to know if you think I can fight this and have the interlock removed around the original removal time.
Hello! I have an interlock in my car because of a DUI. I have had the interlock for 5 months now. A few days ago I tried to start my car and failed twice. Please read the following and help me: The interlock asks for a retest within 5 minutes, I retested within the 5 minutes and failed, I stepped out of my vehicle to call my boss to let him know I would be running late, and I also called life safer to see if anyone could answer why my car was failing me. I guess that took more time than anticipated. I was supposed to retest at 8:38 and I did not retest until 8:45 because I was on the phone. Now because of the 7 minute window that I did not retest she is extending my interlock time for 6 months. However I did pass the test the third time. There was no alcohol in my system. The morning of I used a whitening gel with 35% peroxide along with God knows what. I thought I had given myself enough time to pass the the initial test but I guess not since it failed me two times and then I passed the third time. I am filing a motion and presenting my case in front of the judge on March 25th. I can not continue to have this device in my vehicle. Do you think I have a strong case?
I do not think you have a strong case. When you are placed on the program with the interlock and provided the...
Can a pending PDC charge in one state affect the trial/sentencing or lead to a probation violation for a DWI conviction in VA?
I was charged with Public Disorderly Conduct in Oct '10 in S. Carolina while on vacation. I have an attorney and am fighting it. In the meantime I was charged with a DWI 1st Offense, BAC >.20% in Virginia (where I live) in Feb '11. I haven't heard yet from my attorney in SC about the PDC charge. My court date for the DWI in Virginia is in April and it looks like I will probably be facing a 1-yr suspended or restricted license along with 180 days in jail with 170 suspended, amounting to 10 days in jail. Since I will be convicted for my DWI in VA prior to any sentencing for the PDC in SC, could a PDC conviction in SC affect anything with my DWI case in VA? Will I be violating probation for my DWI conviction in VA if I'm later convicted of PDC in SC, even though the PDC charge came 1st?
The short answer is yes, a subsequent conviction on the South Carolina case could be deemed a probation violation on...
What do I do if I missed my court date and a bench warrant has been issued?
I thought that my hearings were scheduled for May 19th but after reviewing the court's docket, my cases were heard on Wedneday the 5th. What do I do? I have two small children and can't go to jail. This was an error on my part as one of the summons had a court date of May 19th and I assumed that they would all be heard on this day.
The laws on a situation like this have some small variance from state to state, but in general, missing a court date...
Applying for US Citizenship with DWI record (PBJ for 1 day unsupervised) in 2006.
I consulted with a Immigration attorney about applying for my Citizenship with DWI record in 2006. He advised that I will still need to tell the immigration that I was arrested for DWI. If I hire him, i will need to pay him. My question is, can I still apply for US Citizenship without an attorney but still report that I was arrest for DUI so I can save some attorney's fees. Your answer will be appreciated. Thank you!
I do not do immigration law ,however, my opinion is that the dui will have little to no effect based on the case of...
Lake County CA - minor DUI BAC >05%
I'm from VA and got this ticket in CA while visiting. My BAC was .06%. I realize I have lost the right to license in CA for 1 year and have to have the right reinstated in 1 year. I don't ever plan to obtain a license in CA but will do what I have to do. It is an infraction but I have a mandatory appearance in a couple weeks. Obviously I don't plan on flying to CA to appear andpay the fine. I keep getting the run around from lawyers in the easiest way to accept responsibility, have a lawyer appear in court and pay the fine. HELP.
I recommend that you contact this fellow for advice who used to practice law in Virginia but now has his practice out...
Can I sue a drunk driver that hit my car for interest that was added to my new car?
Car out from the dealership for 3 weeks parked on the street then a drunk driver hit the rear totaling damages worth 7k. The drunk driver has no license but was driving an insured vehicle. The owners of the car insurance will pay all damage. NOW I know the car will be fixed but I no longer want to drive it since its been in a major accident. My dealership will pay off the loan but ill be a bit off in interest. Can I SUE the drunk driver for my deposit of 1k dollars plus alI the interest that will be added to my new car? The car I got before the collision was supposed to be a weekend car and to improve my credit to refinance in the future. Now Im screwed. Any thoughts? There is a police report stating drunk driver did all damage and the other party insurance is using the policy of uninsured driver I believe
You can expect to recover the cost of repairs, diminution in value of the vehicle, cost of a rental while your vehicle...
How to obtain FAA aeromedical cert with expunged VA DWI change and refusal conviction
Several years ago I was arrested for DWI in Virginia, with an additional refusal charge. The DWI was eventually nolle'd in exchange for a guilty plea to civil refusal. Arrest records relating to the DWI charge were then expunged. My driving privilege in VA was suspended for a year in VA for the refusal, but my home state took no action on my license and it doesn't appear on my driver's abstract. I'm now seeking to get FAA aeromedical certification for a private pilot's license. Given that the arrest was expunged, and that a record (in VA) of the refusal suspension is still out there, how should I answer the DUI question on the FAA medical form? I've read that the FAA views "refusal" as equivalent to profound alcoholism, that my medical cert will be deferred to OKC, and that I will ultimately have to prove sobriety to the FAA by submitting to some sort of extremely lengthy and expensive inpatient substance rehab program. How should I approach this? Can an attorney be of any help?
I'm a pilot.. I've got news for you, the FAA don't give a crap about expungements. You need to hire an administrative...