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If you are on probation for a dui and then you get a drinking in public ticket-does this mean jail time?
my partner had a d.u.i and completed his community service and meetings and he has been repaying for the damage he caused in the accident to her. He sees the court every few months and he was doing good. Several months ago he was cited by the police for holding an open container of beer. He got into a alcohol out patient treatment center and receives vivitrol every month. He hasn't had a drink since the incident. Will he still go to jail?
possibly.. was the DUI a misdemeanor or felony? It could result in a new charge for a misdemeanor open container as...
Can a person still be charged with (dui) manslaughter if the family of the deceased does not want to the d.a to file charges?
The 2 individuals involved are related. The passenger was ejected and died from his injuries and also was not wearing his seat beat. Both were intoxicated, I'm not sure what their alcohol level was at the time.
Yes because the DA will make the decision and does not need the family's consent to do so. Do not for one moment...
Pre-Plea vs Post-Plea ?
I got arrested last week for being under the influence of a controlled substance. MDMA. I know I made a mistake. I admitted to the police I was on this drug and got drug-tested, pretty sure its gonna be positive. This is my first offense and its a misdemeanor. My court-date is in 3 weeks. However I looked it up and found out that there is pre-plea and post-plea? Do I have to do something before the court date to get the pre-plea? Can anyone give me more information on this? Thank you. This is in California.
Yes there is something you need to do; but first, what you should not do. Doing you own lawyering by exploring the...
How do I get sentencing statistics for felony DUI in CA from 2003?
I need to get statistics to show what sentences were given to defendants in CA for DUI with GBI, second strike, in 2003. Any idea where to turn?
Is this for you for a project or something or is it for an actual case? I am not sure what you are asking for, but...
Is it legal for the police to impound a legally parked car during a DUI arrest
i was arrested for DUI even though i was not driving, my wife & I came out of a cafe slightly drunk, sat in my legally parked car with the AC on, the police came, arrested me& impounded my car, is it legal for the police to impound my car when it was legally parked. the cafe owner did not authorize the impound.
Depending on the facts of your particular circumstances in many cases the police will have your car towed and you will...
FBI Record shows a crime, but this crime is no mind, What should I do, or what happen here?
The only crime that I have in my life is DUI, I was arrested for driving under the influence on 2/22/2007, I was in jail for 12 hours on that day, but I went to court on 4/27/2007 and the court gave me 36 hours of jail that I have to do it on 5/11/2007, because I had a credit of 12 hours so I only did 24 hours on 5/11/2007. My Department of Justice in California record shows two times in jail because the DUI (2/22/2007 and 5/11/2007 for the same thing in VAN NUYS CA), but in the immigration interview the FBI report shows two DUI's the first arrest on 2/22/2007 in VAN NUYS and other arrest on 5/11/2007 but IN ANOTHER CITY (NORWALK CA) and under another case number. I did all the court asked to do on time. and I always attended to court. The arrest in NORWALK is the same day than VAN NUYS.
Go to the following website and obtain an official version of your criminal record from the DOJ. The records sent back...
A drunk driver hit my parked commercial vehicle and left the scene on foot.
My commercial vehicle was parked outside my home when a drunk driver hit my vehicle. He took off on foot and left the vehicle there. My insurance wont cover any damages. My insurance contacted the insurance company of the vehicle's registered owner and gave me a claim number and told me to talk to the other ins. company but ive left them several messages. Is there any chance i can get either paid or my truck fixed??
If there is a pending criminal case, you would be entitled to restitution from the damages to the car. You can request...