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How do I know if I will be charged with a DUI?
I was in a car accident where I drove into a tree while intoxicated. I went straight to the hospital and wasnt arrested or anything. They tested my blood at the hospital but how do i know if i got a dui or not?
The DA will review the evidence and make a charging decision based on the police reports for the accident and the...
I was never prosecuted for supposed DUI over one year ago but dmv took my license. .how can I get it back
I had my license taken away October 13, 2015. Because someone said they saw me under influence. Police never witnessed me in vehicle as i was not in car. I have not been prosecuted after one and half years. But dmv took my license. .how can I get it back
Go to your local DMV, and apply to get a new license. They'll tell you if you have any outstanding requirements.
I am an international student in bay area..i got arrested in dui do i get deported
i actually got citizen arrest and cop did not pull over me and he have not seen me driving but took my breathe test and blood test but i don't know the alcohol percentage and spent 6 hrs in jail...
Unlikely you'll be deported. Hire a good DUI Attorney and defend the case well.
Can I take the DMV to court? Can't afford a lawyer can we represent ourselves in this case and have a chance?
My Dad was recently re-punished for a DUI he has in California 8 years ago, the DMV recently suspended his license and is making him retake DUI classes even though he has served them already. Although the DMV's excuse for this is because he has a DUI 14 years ago in Nevada and they barely found out so they are fixing the issue because it's his second DUI , since they didn't know at first and they have recently had new laws on DUI s. So they will be charging him 2,000$ for these classes and they took his license away, while he was fixing it and had no license he lost weeks of work since he needs to drive to work and drive at work. This has cost us a lot of money and time for something that happened almost a decade ago. Is this unlawful? Can this be taken to court and be won? Would we be able to self represent, we can't afford a lawyer? Can they even punish him for this DUI outside of the state?
Lots of reasons your dad should fight, and win. The problem is doing it yourself. Many lawyers, even DUI lawyers, that...
Is there a statute of limitations for a DUI bill not paid in California?
I got a DUI in 2006 and moved to a different state and got my license. I was wondering if the bill ever went away
No the bill does not go away, it is still outstanding. You also probably have an arrest warrant as a result. You can...
If someone passes a hair n urine drug test for 7 months would a nail test prove anything different in that time period
My kids mother has been in rehab fr 7 months n has tested with hair n urine in this time. She has a 2 week turn around where she left fr 2 weeks n was tested up to 3 times a week. Now they tested for a nail test which came back positive. Wouldnt that be inaccurate for the time she was in rehab since it goes back further? They said her hair test was negative but they felt it was inaccurate since she dyed her hair once
This is not a legal question. This is a question for a doctor or a toxicologist.
Why can California DMV suspend your license 2 times for a dui for pleading guilty to the DMV hearing
I pleaded no contest to the DMV hearing in California and started my 6 month suspension, enrolled and completed the DUI program, payed all fines, and have SR22 insurance, only to get a letter in the mail that My license is suspended again because of the outcome of the court sentencing that happened 3 moths later. The DMV will not run the suspension concurrently is what they are telling me, meaning I will have my drivers license suspended all over again and will have to repay all fees to reinstate. How can they suspend the licence twice for the same offense? What can I do to fight the decision.
Why can they do it? Because the legislature in Sacramento says they can. If DMV suspended your license after the...