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Which state should I file to reinstate my license after DUI. KS or CO? After the fines are paid, can I just go to my WA DMV?
I had a Kansas Driver's License when I came to CO for work. I had a DUI in Colorado 2011 and I'm still paying the fines. I have a Colorado ID issued after my release in 2013, (I was in jail for 2 years for a different case). I don't have my license coz of the DUI...just an ID. I moved to WA in 2013, and as soon as all the fines are paid in CO this year (2016), I would like to get my license reinstated to my new home state WA. The DUI is 5 years old. I am confused on where to go to get it reinstated. KS or Colorado or just go to the DMV here in WA and show them proof that the fines are paid. Will WA issue me a license after all my obligations/fines are paid?
You can apply for your license here in WA as long as none of these other states have any holds or suspensions in place....
Can I defer my DUI ticket or do a diversion program?
I am 18 and got a DWI/DUI ticket. I got arrested then bailed out and have court tomorrow. I blew a .088 the first time and .093 the second time. What should be my next step? Can I do something so this won't be on my record?
Your next step(s) are to show up to court and plead not guilty and get an attorney. You can hire one or, if you can't...
Appealing a DUI
I am now in the third year of an appeal for a DUI. This occurred in a city so it is a Municipal charge. The city did not file their response late (a month after our reply was due) so it once again delayed the case. Given this and the quality of the brief (11 pages) and their utter disinterest in the case what are the possible scenarios of this moving forward. Yes I have an Attorney and I have already spoken to them.. so this is a second opinion matter. The Judge could rule to remand the case back to trial.. in that case the City has again up to 2 years to refile the case... and given what transpired they could ostensibly do that putting the case from 2012 being tried in 2018 or 2019 depending on when the Judge's decision occurs? Yes or No? Then the city will retry a 6 year old DUI? They would and why? The case appeal centers on two issues.. the blood evidence taken w/out warrant and with McNeely the City refused that case as relevant, the second was they did not allow my defense to proceed.. they did not give us blood to sample at an independent lab so as a result I had no way of proving an alternate theory. The case is very complicated.. VERY complicated..
I do not give second opinion on this site. You have counsel. If you need a second opinion consult with another.
How long does the state of wa hold a license under the need to complete drug and alcohol treatment after a dui?
I committed a dui 6 years ago, to my probation officer and I, I had completed treatment but the proper papers were not filed by the association who ran the drug and alcohol treatment. nearly 6 years later it still has a hold on my license and the association says I must complete treatment again.
You have to file the paperwork showing that you completed or are doing your alcohol/ drug treatment. So even if you...
How do I start the process of early closure after 24 months of full compliance?
I was convicted of a DUI (.08-.14) in King County District Court on March 11, 2014. I have been in complete compliance with all mandatory conditions of service and all fees and fines have been paid. I have had no other arrests or tickets. The judge noted that I could "move for early closure after 24 months of full compliance." I now live in Alabama and am looking for a new job so am very motivated to do what I can to prevent this mistake from ruining employment opportunities. Thank you.
This usually involves making a motion to the court. You can hire an attorney to do this on your behalf and possibly...
I unfortunately got a DUI last Friday in Washington and had one in Oregon 7 years ago- will it count as my second DUI?
If this is counted as a second dui is it possible to do home confinement instead of the minimum jail time? I have a great job and I don't want to lose it.....I also had to spend an entire weekend in jail which was horrific- I have nothing on my record except the Oregon DUI from 2009. Please help.
It IS your second dui. Hire an attorney, at least have a full discussion with a local one.
How do I answer this question? Have you ever been convicted of a felony or received deferred adjudication for a felony charge?
I had a DUI in 2011 that was reduced to Reckless Driving. How do I answer the above question for a new employer?
A first DUI is not a felony, nor is the Reckless Driving charge it was reduced to. If you have only the gross...