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My neighbor has a suspended license and I see her get in her car DRUNK and drive away often. How do I report anonymously?
I see my neighbor continually get in her car and take off drunk and she has a suspended license too! She is a very aggressive person ( in the King County court system for harrassment and DUI) and I fear she will harm me or my property (car) if she finds out I am the one who reported her. Please help
Call your local police department and speak to a commander.
How do I answer this question? Have you ever been convicted of a felony or received deferred adjudication for a felony charge?
I had a DUI in 2011 that was reduced to Reckless Driving. How do I answer the above question for a new employer?
A first DUI is not a felony, nor is the Reckless Driving charge it was reduced to. If you have only the gross...
I plead guilty to DUI. Just got notice my license was suspended.
I have the interlock device in my car and SR22 insurance already. How do I keep my license from being suspended? Can I keep driving as long as I have the interlock device in my car and SR 22 insurance?
You need to submit proof of the SR22 and proof of your interlock to the DOL. They will require you to pay a fee and...
I need to drive an employer car. I pled guilty to DUI last month.
My understanding is I can't drive a company car unless I wait 30 days. I have an IID installed and have had it since December. When does the 30 day wait period begin? The day I pled or the day DOL notified me my license will be suspended for a year b/c of the guilty plea?
Have you also applied for the IIL from the DOL? Have you provided your employer with the Employer Declaration? The 30...
Will I be drug tested at my pretrial hearing?
This is my first criminal offense (DUI for opiates/morphine) and already had my arraignment. Will I be drug tested at my court date? Like will the police possibly take me to the hospital to get blood taken like when I was arrested? Or do you normally only get drug tested at probation/your first drug evaluation if they lessen it on a plea deal to neglegent or reckless (im guessing it will be lessened on a plea deal since it is my first offense and my pd said MOST LIKELY that is what will happen on a first offense) thank you!
Drug testing is usually only done once someone has been sentenced, as a condition of probation. You mentioned that you...
Pulled over for DUI, and need to know what to do.
My husband got pulled over and blew a .116 and .122. This is his first time. The car was towed and he was driven to the police station. They let him call a friend to take him home. He still has his license and they didn't mention about taking it away. They gave him a form "Request for DUI Hearing", and let him go. What does this mean? Is this consider an arrest? What do we need to do? Thanks.
"Request for DUI Hearing", and let him go. What does this mean?" -He has 20 days to request a hearing to challenge the...
I have a prior dui in Washington and I am currently on diversion in Washington for my another in Oregon this weekend
will they combine all of them together from one state to another
No. You'll have to deal with each case separately in each state.