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I have a baiid in my car. A few weeks back i blew into my device and it said I failed. My device doesnt show the reading on it
I have a personal breathalyzer and it read .029. After waiting 2 hours i blew into my baiid and it read pass. This is the first time i have had a failed test in 4 months. Will i recieve a letter from the sos. About my failed reading?
Are you on an MDDP or an RDP. If you are on an MDDP, I kind of doubt it but that fact you waited to two hours to...
If you blow a .18 in the state of Illinois do you have to take more dui classes than a person who blew a .10
I was told by someone that a 10 hour class, plus an additional 12 hour class is mandatory. This unfortunately was my first ever ticket and I made the poor decision of driving after a wedding and another driver called the police and the police pulled me over in my friends driveway.
Yes. The formula used to calculate your assessment level includes your BAC. An individual who has a BAC of .10 could...
If you plead guilty to dui but are given 1 year court supervision and a fine, This is not a conviction correct?
this is in the state of Illinois, does this mean any ticket whether for speeding or whatever means you then are convicted of original DUI charge
Super is not a conviction. This means no jail and no license revocation. No Secretary of State hearing. However...
DUI in PA appyling for License in IL
My son has a restricted PA license for his 2nd DUI. We have moved to Chicago Illinois and want to get an Il license. His Pa license has an INTERLOCK restriction on it. What will happen when he surrendors his PA license when applying for his IL license? Will IL isssue a license with the same restriction, will they deny it etc.
IL will deny because the underlying privilege in PA revoked(as nearly as one can tell in your narrative). He might...
I have recently caught a DUI in Chicago I have a DUI conviction in the state of Washington in the year of 2001 I have an arrest for a DUI in the state of Washington and 2007 but no conviction as of yet I wanted to know if those convictions in the state of Washington county in the state of Illinois
To varying degrees for varying purposes. For sentencing purposes it's a second offense or maybe third since I don't...
What is a look back period for DUI. In illinois
I have 2 DUI in WA state and recently caught 1 in Illinois. The 2 in WA state was in 2001 and 2007. The 2007 is still open. Active warrant no conviction yet. Am I considered to have 3 DUI now. If so can I get probation. My DUI in Illinois which occur on July 12 2016. And what is a look back period for Illinois and WA state. Thank you.
Look back is lifetime history.You are considered a 1st time offender for summary susp purposes if no prior dispo within...
What are the penalties on your first DUI in illinois?
I got my first DUI on early Friday morning and my lawyer didn't quite explain to me what are my penalties except possible up to a year in jail
Assuming that you had a valid driver's license and insurance, and did not cause great bodily harm or death, then your...