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I need to know my rights
Cps came out end of October I did what they asked then last time was nov,4 they told me they be out the following week probably Fri.. they refuse to call me refuse to set a day or time..they haven't came nor have I heard from them till today when I wasn't home.. I have complied with everything they have asked on spot drug screen medicine count and I could have refused to do any of that but I have nothing to hide.. what can I do do I have any rights there the ones that didn't show up till 2 month later I have called but that is there job, I don't know what to do and the major complaints to begin with was I was in pj end of my driveway it was sweatpants an mom did same thing wsiting for school bus.. and they fail to realize I'm half blind and I don't always see when they drp kids off hour late every day and I am in a chair at end of driveway reading or front porch if I'm reading or on porch they get mad?? It's really ridiculous and I have always done what they have asked I know who called and what she said wasn't the truth but I want to know my rights... I have always been clean every drug test besides medicine if I am on any.. please help
Your statement is about CPS and your adherence to their rules. Your selected Practice area is DUI. You left out a...
I have completed 8 months of my probation for a first offense drug charge. I just got a dui. What can I do and what am I facing?
I am 17 now. I blew a .13 and got stopped at a checkpoint after curfew.
Hire a good lawyer. You're facing a problem with the new charge as well as with the revocation of the old.
So if someone recieved a DUI over 10 years ago, would those records be available today, 10 years later in the same county?
Need to know if county would still have record of 1st DUI over 10 years ago?
DUI records are permanent and not subject of any sealing or expungement ever.
Will i have to take vasap to get my restricted license
i was on probation for posession of marijuana.i completed probation, but my license is suspended now due to unpaid fines,i have paid them and am now trying to get my restricted drivers license.will i have to attend vasap?
DMV may be instructive on whether you are eligible for a restricted license, and, if so, what criteria you must satisfy...
Can a person with a suspended driver's license still use his motorcycle license to get around?
In the state of Virginia, if your driver's license is suspended due to a DWI, can you still use your motorcycle license to get around the suspended license? How can you report a person driving on a suspended license?
No. The suspension is of the driving privilege. Contact the DMV to ask about a hardship license. Do not drive the...
What happens usually with a noncompliance on a dui?
It's my first dui. I had a violation in Sept but it was first and forgiven. However in November I got another and just received a letter from my case manager about it going back to court. What should I do? Expect?
You should call your attorney or hire a good DUI attorney. They tend to wait until the 2nd interlock violation so...
My license is suspended for a dui from 2009. I have no way to pay the fines. How can I reduce the price?
I have no way to work without a license. I don't drink alcohol anymore. I'm 27 years old now, I was 19 when this happened. I've struggled for 8 years.
First of all, I suggest you ask the DMV for a compliance summary to make sure the fine is the only thing standing in...