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If a person goes to court for a DWI can he/she be later persecuted for a driving left to right ( wreak lass driving) ?
If a person went to court for a DWI and already got that taken care of , can the court then issue a driving on the wrong side of the road charge? Keep in mind the DWI has been taken care of.
It depends upon the facts. If it was just one criminal episode, and there is a separate ticket, the state might be able...
What happens when you get a speeding ticket while driving to an appointment with limited driving privileges?
This was two months after a DWI in North Carolina.
I am not licensed to practice law in North Carolina, but I would think you would get the ticket and then, if you are...
Hoe long does an officer have to do breath test and blood work?
I have been charged with DWI and running stop sign. Stop sign was dismissed. I passed the touching nose-standing and counting-blew 0 on 4 test then had to go have blood work. Stop sign was at 4:30 in afternoon-breath thing was at 7pm. Blood work was at 8pm. Blood work has not come back yet-----how long does he have to do all of this?
How long is a piece of string? There is no firm answer to your question. Given the backlog that the SBI lab has, it...
I got pulled over and brought back to the station but released the same night. I blew .15 and i was not driving reckless or speeding. I lost my license for the next 30 days. When i go to court should i ask for a continuance or just get trial? Will i lose my license again for a year or is there a way to keep this off my record and keep my license?
This is far too serious of a crime and far too complicated to handle yourself. You really need to hire a criminal...
I got 1 pfj for dwlr and 5 moths later i have another one dwlr what will they do on 2nd dwlr no dui
i have no dui
I highly suspect you did not have an attorney and went to Court yourself on the first DWLR charge you mention because...
How long does it take for a level 5 federal DWI conviction to show up?
I got pulled over on a federal property for speeding and the cop smelled alcohol. Long story short, i refused all test and lost license for a year while waiting for federal court. My court case came up after I got my license back. I was convicted of level 5 dwi, 24 hr cc, substance abuse classes, unsupervised probation and revoked licensed for a year. It has been 11 months and my dmv report says no convictions and drivers license active. I don't want to have future problems when renewing my license next year. I even went to the DMV after moving and got a new license with correct address 2 months ago. What do I need to do?
I understand your dilemma. I would not do anything to notify the DMV of the conviction. What appears to have happened...
DUI , extension and travelling
DUI on 21st october 2016, case still pending noy convicted yet, visa is expiring this sep , have to file extension. 1. do i have to tell my employer 2. any problem in Extension , do i have travel to india for stamping before extension or before september after my extension.
1. You do not need to disclose the information to your employer unless the forms specifically asks for information...