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  • OSP seeks help in poaching case

    5 hrs ago | via The News-Review 

    Troopers from the Fish and Wildlife Division of the Oregon State Police are asking for the public's help to identify the person responsible for the unlawful killing of a cow elk in Douglas County. On the morning of Aug. 12, OSP was notified of a dead cow elk southeast of the Dean Creek Elk Viewing Area on Highway 38 near Reedsport.


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Reedsport Law

Why did I get cited for driving while suspended ORS 811.175 when I've never had a license to drive here in Oregon?
I'm 19 years old; I have never had a drivers license; in the past I have been convicted of driving without a license; I was driving my motorcycle on the dunes at the Dune Fest in Reedsport; I have the Oregon ATV safety card; I had to pay $40 and everyone there had to pay to be admitted to the dunes area during this event; I was riding with my friend; he did a wheely which caused the police to come over to us; they decided to ask me for "my information" while they had us both stopped and gave me this citation. I didn't think I had to have a license to drive a motorcycle on the dunes.
Unfortunate ORS 821.174 states that when your license is suspended, you are not allows to operate ATVs as well. So the...
Can the police take my blood test results from the hospital without my consent?
I drove one block to get help after being assaulted. When the police came I was having seizures and was taken to the hospital. At the hospital the doctors did many blood work tests on me and did cat scans due to my head injury from the assault. After coming to the next morning I was issued a duii because the officer received my bloodwork results without my permission.
If the police have probable cause to believe or suspect that someone operated a vehicle while under the influence of...
Should i get an attorney is it worth it?
got arrested for a duii and open container,had four drinks in 2.5hrs breathalizer read .123 officer releases me no pics or prints.go to court get diversion and reckless driving instead.had current odl and unknown suspended a month later they want finger prints.
You've got a lot of exposures here for criminal charges. An attorney can help limit the consequences to you in court...
So I can not get chl in oregon for life if I have a dui conviction?
I had a dui conviction over 10 years ago did not complete the diversion program because I was young and dumb. And still paying for it!!!
You can still obtain a Concealed Handgun License after a DUII, even if it was a conviction. Oregon law requires that...
What's the mandatory laws in Oregon, on driving while revoked duii?
This is my 6th duii. 4 of them were 12 years ago and 1 of them was just a couple years ago. I didn't blow or do a sobriety test not blood work. I have trial in a couple days and my attorney, who is court appointed, has not talked with me at all not did he show at my status check hearing last week. All my past 4 duiis affect my outcome? This charge is also 2 years old now as it stands. Please give me some advice in the right direction. Thank you, out I time.
Not sure what your question is. If you are asking what can happen if you are convicted, then there are certain...
No ticket in Missouri 1983 they want me to go to DUI class I live in Oregon they won't give me DUI class could never have one
Got ticket in Missouri 83 I want me to go DUI class I live in Oregon they won't give me do you like I never had one what can done
Confusing question. The best thing to do is to speak with a dui attorney.
How do I postpone arraignment for dui and possession of control substance. Can insurance get my car?
I was pulled over in Sutherlin or and charged with a dui after needles with drug residue were found in a search of my car . I have a arraignment on the 10th coming up which I am not at all ready for. I still need to get my car from impound . How can I postpone mine and my girlfriends arraignment? I'm still trying to get money together for an attorney. Can I pay a small fee to have an attorney change the date or do it myself?
For arraignments on misdemeanors, Oregon law provides, “When the accusatory instrument charges a crime punishable as a...