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I just picked up my fourth d.u.I. my first was in 98, 2nd in'04 and third in'07. Is it possible that I could be sent to prison?
Well the first three happened within 10 yrs. I'm done and have complied with all they had me do. That said, I have no probation or anything. This October I picked up my fourth. Even though my first one no longer counts since it has passed 10 yrs. Is it still possible that I can do prison or even county time? Your feedback would be gladly appreciated. I've been contemplating checking in to rehab but I don't want to eventually do time.thanks!
The 2004, 2007 and 2014 now equal 3 within 10 years. If there were no injuries or deaths than prison time is almost an...
I am being charged for marijuana DUI I was not drinking he took away my license , I need legal advice to fight this.
I was no longer under influence of marijuana at the time of arrest i failed the sobriety test but because i have Asthma and had trouble breathing during testing
Hire an attorney asap. Marijuana DUIs are extremely difficult to prove given the way marijuana is metabolized and...
What happens if i got a 0.31 % of alcohol and dont show up to court?? its my third dui and its been more than a year.
What happens if i got a 0.31 % of alcohol and dont show up to court?? its my third dui and its been more than a year. I also didnt finish my program from my 2 dui. so i think i have 2 warrants 1. for not completing my program of my 2nd dui 2.because i didnt went back to court for my 3rd dui.
Your situation is very serious. No one here can tell you what will happen. You need to do two things. First, retain...
I was charged with a battery of non-c, DUI alcohol D, DUI alcohol. What does this mean to a non-citizen.
I shoved my girlfriend and my 15 yr old son a few times. I left to cool down and came home and sheriffs were there and was arrested for DUI. What's gonna happen to me.
A great deal will depend upon the charges filed. My recommendation is to be pro-active and retain an attorney...
Mi marido ase 5 anos agaro un DUI. Y ahora quiero meterle una applicasion de immigrasion quiero saver si va aser castigado
Afuera de estados unidos. El es mexicano
Hopefully a Spanish speaker will chime in to provide an answer.
During a DUI investigation, an officer search a car without your consent or even knowledge that a search was being conducted?
I was asked to step out of the car for swerving (I was on my cellphone). The car was not mine, It was rented to the passenger. I was taken to a spot four Car lengths behind the car I was driving and was subsequently questioned there. Another patrol car was parked behind the rental car and obstructed my view of what was going on with the car. Upon questioning, the officer told me he smelled alcohol in the car or on me, and I admitted that was impossible since I drank just one wine cooler 8 hours ago. I did the FSTs which I know I did well on, but my PAS tests “failed to register.” This stop lasted about one hour. Unbeknownst to me, the other cops had been searching the vehicle the entire time and finally found some drugs. Then they charged me on dui and possession (but not the passenger). Was this legal? What if the FSTs were done behind the vehicle with a dash cam?
Why don't you just get an attorney instead of putting questions about the details of your case on line?
I have a 30 year old felony DUI can I have this judgement reduced or even dismissed?
I have gone back to college to get my degree in a field that requires background checks. Even tho it is over 30 years old, It could eliminate my chances of ever getting employment.
Changing practice area so you get answers from attorneys who know how to do this. Good luck.