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I was no longer under influence of marijuana at the time of arrest i failed the sobriety test but because i have Asthma and had trouble breathing during testing
Hire an attorney asap. Marijuana DUIs are extremely difficult to prove given the way marijuana is metabolized and...
What happens if i got a 0.31 % of alcohol and dont show up to court?? its my third dui and its been more than a year. I also didnt finish my program from my 2 dui. so i think i have 2 warrants 1. for not completing my program of my 2nd dui 2.because i didnt went back to court for my 3rd dui.
Your situation is very serious. No one here can tell you what will happen. You need to do two things. First, retain...
Well my husband got a DUI like 5yrs ago and i want to apply for immigration papers but i dont know if i should because they could probably send him to mexico. Thats what i think please help. '
Did you not ask this quesiton in Spanish just minutes ago? Again, you need to seriously consider talking to an...
I shoved my girlfriend and my 15 yr old son a few times. I left to cool down and came home and sheriffs were there and was arrested for DUI. What's gonna happen to me.
A great deal will depend upon the charges filed. My recommendation is to be pro-active and retain an attorney...
Afuera de estados unidos. El es mexicano
Hopefully a Spanish speaker will chime in to provide an answer.
If I am supposed to be working abroad and I don't have my court date until late February is there a way to start taking my DUI programs asap? is there a way to postpone the classes? and is there a way to push my court date up? I am supposed to be working abroad early next year and unfortunately this may cause a hinder :(. Any feedback will help. The main thing is I understand that the classes are at least 3 months for me being a first time offender. I am trying to do ANYTHING I can... I do understand the holidays are right now and it's quite busy, but again, any professional feedback would be so appreciated.
Hire a DUI attorney. He/she will know what to do and how to advise you.
I was arrested for my first DUI and awaiting to appear in court. I have lost my ticket which show my court date, but I have call the county court to check my court date but they told me that they have no record of me. So is that a good thing or bad thing? What should I do at this point? Can I get my license back if no record of court date is found? Any answer would be appreciated thanks.
The DA has 1 year to file charges against you. You should be checking both with the DA's Office and the Court to see...