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How would I go about handling a high BAC DUI received on vacation in PA while being a RI resident?
Technically first DUI I hope, last one was over 10 years ago. Made turn down one way after a wedding. 3 sitations plus DUI charges. Should I hire attorney or will it be black and white. Will I loose license for a year since it's out if state? Thank you
Yes, you should certainly hire a lawyer for representation. Just because you were pulled over and charged for DUI does...
I was sentenced 90days to 5 years for 2nd dui and I wanted to know if I violated parole what would I possibly be facing ?
If I failed a drug test and was locked up until I went to court what would I possibly be facing beat case and worse case scenarios and would the judge take into consideration that if I got either of my duis after birchfield v North Dakota I wouldn't have been charged
If you fail a drug test you would most likely be detained as a parole violation. As to a sentence there are too many...
I was told for my 2nd dui that birchfield v north Dakota was retroactive another attorney told me that it may applie to my case
I was arrested before June 23 2016 and told by attorney on here that I may be able to file a pcra if I contact a criminal attorney in my area my question is what is the likely hood that birchfield v north Dakota can be used retroactive in my case which is purely based off drawing blood
It's tough to win on that retro issue but you can try it. Good luck
Im currently on parole for 5 years for 2ND dui how long do I have to appeal my case after sentencing
I'm on parole for 5 years for 2ND dui and wanted to know how long I have to appeal after sentencing and could I use birchfield v north Dakota in my appeal
Please ask your question again in the criminal defense section of this AVVO service
Do probation officers test for levels while on ARD?
I've been on ARD probation for a little over a month in PA. I only saw my probation officer once and will be reporting in next month. I'm guessing he will drug test me then. I haven't been smoking marijuana, but I've been using it heavily before my probation started. I'm still failing at home drug tests after 40+ days of not using. My question is, do PO usually test for levels after I fail the first test? I'm pretty nervous about getting violated even tho I haven't been smoking any marijuana while on probation. I'm reading online that it can take up to 60-90+ days to get clean. Can anyone fill me in with some experience on what PO usually do regarding marijuana testing? Thank you.
Every probation department is different, depending on the county. If you are found to have a hot urine after being...
Do you go to jail on your appeal hearing for driving dui suspended?
I was found guilty in pa for driving while on dui suspended I got sentenced to 60 days. The arresting officer has no issue reducing charge at appeal, if that doesn't happen will I go to jail that day?
Could be. Ask your question again in the criminal defense section of this AVVO service
Could a new dui laws that passed in 2016 be used in a dui case that was prosecuted in 2014
My public defender says that a new dui law that passed in 2016 cannot be used in a case prosecuted in 2014
Sadly your Public Defender is one hundred percent correct