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My boyfriend just got his lisence suspended in Kentucky for 6 months. Can he still drive in Indiana ? He has an Indiana DL.
He was drinking and driving and he's under age. So he got a DUI and got his lisence suspended for 6 months and he has to take classes. Does Kentucky not have a law where he can drive to school and back only ? And also can he still drive in Indiana ? He has an Indiana drivers lisence. or is it just suspended in Kentucky ?
His Indiana license and driving privileges are suspended in Kentucky. He can drive in any other state until Indiana...
How do I expunge my 4 year old (Nov-2011) 1st offense DUI? It is ruining my career and immigration status
I am on H1b work Visa. Got 1st DUI in Kentucky in Nov 2011. Didn't know what is DUI at that time so didn't hire lawyer and accepted all the charges. Paid required fines and completed all probation in Feb 2012. No traffic or any violation after that. Can I remove it from my record if it’s possible or clear my record ?
No, you cannot remove a final conviction from your record.
DUIs planing to apply for Humanitarian asylum
I have F1 visa and I had 3DUIs in the past. I'm planing to apply for Humanitarian asylum.. did the DUIs that I had will have any impact on my Humanitarian asylum? Can my application be rejected ? Because of it ?
Your DUIs will impact whether asylum is granted to you as a matter of discretion. Your asylum application may be denied...
What does a Marijuana (obs) merged charge mean when given a dui for alcohol?
In 2003, i received a dui for alcohol after leaving a party. I was given 30days suspended license and alcohol classes. I thought the marijuana charge was dismissed, but upon receiving a background check 13yrs later, it was brought to my attention that the charge says "merged" and not dismissed.
For purposes of expungement it doesn't make a difference anymore - are you asking for that reason? It still means it...
How do I beat a PI charge when I wasn't intoxicated
My fiancé was leaving the DMV stopped him and asked him if he'd been drinking.when he said no he asked if he was on any prescription medication because he seemed intoxicated. Keep in mind my husbands leg was run over by a semi and he has nerve damage. My fiancé told him the medications he was on and was placed under arrest. He had taken the recommended dose and did not drive himself to the dmv. He walks with a limp and gate disturbance due to his accident. He is also on parole, what does he need to do
He needs to hire a good attorney who regularly does DUI work. Some of the issue you raise will be information that he...
DUI , endangering welfare of a child in Kentucky
I had a couple of drinks,didn't feel drunk so I decided to drive with my one year old and 10 year old nephew by the time I left the store I felt pretty drunk so I told my nephew to call my mom fell asleep in the car with the both of them parked in the parking lot outside of the store ( mind you I have been sober since 2008 since my second dui ) the next thing I know there are cops knocking on my window and I go to jail. I got charged with endangering welfare of a child and mom has temporary custody of my child and I'm out on bond now. I haven't been in trouble since 2008. Could I get probation? I'm so scared I don't want to go to jail
You charged with offenses that carry the possibility of the jail sentence. The likelihood of your sentence being...
Hello. I got charged with a dui. I had no alcohol or drugs in my blood. What can happen to me?
The cops picked me up when I was sleeping at a stop sign. And I had temporary memory loss due to a supplement, phenibut, I bought from My driving was in no way impaired. Maybe being tired because I just started working night shift. I was even driving a lift from 80ft in the air. I just couldn't remember where my tools were after I set them down. I passed the field sobriety check also. The judge said I could face 30 days in jail but he didn't hear my story.
Under Kentucky law, a person may be found guilty of a DUI if he/she is under the influence of any substance that may...