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Will I be able to get a OWI high bac dropped down?
I was arrested the other night for OWI high bac in northern Michigan I blew .17 after being pulled over. At the jail the other breath tests I did came error a few times and .17 as well as .16 this is my first offense. I had a MIP when I was 20 and am now 24 almost 25. I am just really worried what will happen I have a good job and don't want to lose it
You need to hire an attorney to negotiate this case. These errors in these tests happen often and I are not necessarily...
Can I reduce the charges of a zero tolerance arrest with a plea bargain?
I was recently arrested for zero tolerance. Can I make a plea bargain? If so, what is my best option? Or should I plead not guilty. I know I made a mistake and want to take responsibility. I just don't want to end up in jail or with a suspended license.
This is hard to do but it can be done.
What does "Under 21 with a B.A.C. of .02-.07" or "Zero Tolerance" mean?
Recently arrested and charged with "Under 21 w/ a b.a.c. of .02-.07". What do these charges mean?
You are a minor who consumed alcohol and is now charged under the zero tolerance statute.
(Michigan) Can I ask for the blue book value for restitution if it was totaled after a collision with a drunk driver?
I was hit by a drunk driver, I only had PLPD insurance. I am giving a copy of all the costs I acrewed as a result of the crash such as towing which my insurance did not cover. The vehicle has been estimated and totaled out as the cost to repair the vehicle is past the threshhold of what the vehicle is worth. I have the estimate as well as the kelly blue book value of my vehicle plus the cost of towing. My vehicle is worth between $1,800 and $2,042 and I want to ask for $2,000 to replace the totaled vehicle because that left me and my family without a vehicle plus the $150 towing cost so a total of $2,140. Is that realistic to ask for?
It's a reasonable request. I would keep copies of all receipts and paperwork that you have been given so that you can...
I was driving sober and got pulled over . I passed this alcohol test but the officer said I didnt pass the straight line pass plus I had a suspended license then they took a blood sample and held me for 8 hours .what I do is weed and zanz so I guess they are in my system but I dont understand am I good ?
Are you good depends. Driving with the presence of a controlled substance is a criminal charge with license sanctions...
License restoration after 2duis and 2 dwls?
I currently hv revoked license...due to two dui convictions, although I actually hv 3 1999, 2009 and 2013. The first 2 were counted as 1st offenses! I completed sobriety court and probation without a problem and arranged a appeal in 2015 and lost! Up to this point I still had the baid device and didn't hv it removed for additional 6 one at Secretary of State could tell if I should hv it cuz my license was showing revoked not restricted with baid! I would like to get my license back but now I am facing a 2nd dwls charge and this had been in the past 6 months...I am sober since the last dui and I do not attend meetings anymore for personal reasons! Both times I was pulled over was from simply running my plate on my car...neither time had I violated any roadway laws aside for dwls... is there any hope for my license to be restored?
States typically offer "conditional" or otherwise "restricted" licenses if you can establish that an actual or...
What is the statue of limitations on DUI charge?
In 2003 my boyfriend got his 2nd DUI and got charged with it and served 4 months in 2005. Got out and was put on probation, he went to one probation meeting and never went back, is there a statue of limitation on just probation charge or can they go and charge him and sentence him for more time. it is now 2017 and he has not gotten into any other trouble he goes to work every day and provides for our family.
Unfortunately, not showing up does not make the judge's order of probation disappear. He should hire a lawyer to assist...