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My legally parked car got totaled from a 16yo drunk driver. Can I sue them for more on top of what my car is worth? Need lawyer?
I want to sue for my inconvenience, I cannot afford to front money to buy a new car. I know this process will take at least a month. How do I get to school, over 20 miles, work etc?! I will now have to put effort into finding a new car, hassle to get to that new car to check it out and again how do I pay for it!? Why do I have to suffer for her stupidity while I was inside my home relaxing from a long hard day? What can I do to get the most out of her?
You need to contact the driver's insurance ASAP. His/her insurance may just rent a car for you until you are able to...
My son was cited for 25662 (a) B&P. He is 18, and drinking a beer, walking home from a party. Should he use an attorney?
He is starting college in a week, in San Luis Obispo, CA. He will need his car to get to school. How do I change a court date, so that he can safely be in Torrance for the hearing. He will be 2½ hours away at college on August 19, 2014, his court date.
the court date can be continued by either your son appearing or an attorney appearing on his behalf it sounds like the...
Underage drinking exceptions in California?
"Possession is prohibited WITH THE FOLLOWING EXCEPTION(S): private location, OR parent/guardian, OR spouse." If someone under the age of 21 was drinking on a private location, with their parent/guardian's consent, or a spouse's consent would that still be illegal with those due exceptions of the law? Is underage drinking legal in California with parental consent?
Where did you get that clause from? Every state is different- according to what you've posted, that is a POSSESSION...
Do you have the right to talk to an attorney when a policeman tells you you're going to jail for DUI?
I was pulled over for weaving. I hadn't been drinking or using drugs. The policeman had me take a breathalyzer test which I passed. Unfortunately, I failed the sobriety test because I was exhausted. He then handcuffed me and told me I was going to jail for a DUI. I told him I wanted to talk to an attorney and he told me I didn't have the right to talk to one. Is that true?
Yes, its true. You don't have the right to speak with the attorney at the time of the arrest.
Any scenario where I would disclose a recently expunged Wet/Reckless on a job application?
Outside of state licensure or public office, are there any other situations where I would have to disclose the conviction? I'm primarily concerned with how certain job application questions might be worded, and that a specific wording might necessitate admitting the dismissed offense. For example, a job I am applying for asks: " Have you ever, in your lifetime, been convicted of an offense against the law other than a minor traffic violation?". How should I answer this question? Thanks in advanced for the help...
That particular question is a little dicey because at one time in your life you did stand convicted of reckless driving....
If the stature of limitations has expired for dui, can they still sentence you?
dui '11
The statute of limitations applies to charging not sentencing. If you have already been charged, these may not be an...
If convicted by the court with DUI, what happens to my driver's license?
I won the DMV hearing and my license was not suspended. I will have my DUI court trial soon. I was told that my driver's license will be suspended if convicted. 1. If convicted, do I need to wait for 30 days to apply for restricted license or I can do so immediately? 2. What documents do I need to apply for a restricted license? 3. If convicted, is my drivers license suspension effective immediately (my license confiscated at trial and so someone has to drive me home from court) or it will take a day or 2 or so for the court to inform DMV of the conviction and the latter to suspend my license? I need to know if I need to bring a driver with me on my last day in court.
You won't have to wait to apply for the restricted since you won your DMV hearing if convicted. You will need to...