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I-485 with DUI abroad with pending trial (almost 5 years)
Hello, I had a DUI abroad almost 5 years ago. Unfortunately the justice system in my country is extremely slow and the trial could go on for 2 or 3 more years at least. In terms of probation and fines and/or fees, I've completed everything (administratively speaking) but the trial is still ongoing (criminally speaking). I'd like to understand if this can negatively affect my AOS. I feel like here in US for this kind of things you get to a sentence very soon and after 2 or 3 years you can move on. In my case it just takes much longer. Will USCIS take this in consideration? I've been traveling to US for work since early 2014 and being a resident alien since beginning of 2015 and I haven't even got any ticket so far. I've always entered US legally and on valid status (L1). Thanks for your help, F.
USCIS will likely ask to see documentation reflecting the status of the case abroad. As long as you can provide this,...
Chance of winning Trail(First time DUI)
I got pulled over by a cop last year ( Oct 2014 ) in WA for weaving on the road and not using turn signals while changing lanes(Police officer made this up.There are no video recordings).Did FST and declined PBT. Was arrested for being impaired and blew a 0.11 & 0.10 at the station.The prosecutor was initially willing to plea bargain ( According to my attorney ) but later refused to do it.I think that my attorney was lying to me about the plea bargain until i paid my installments(abt 3500$). Just back from a motion hearing and couldn't supress suppress supremes supremeness pressures pressure any evidence.I am feeling so helpless with the current attorney.But I have already paid all the money.Should i go to trial with the same attorney?What are the chances of winning ? should i consider DP?
There is not nearly enough information here to predict what is going to happen at a trial or if you should consider a...
Reinstating out of state driving privileges (not license) after out of state DUI
WA state DUI conviction; however, license never suspended or IID required in home state (still have valid out of state license). All court requirements complete and stated to follow home state requirements (which ended up being none). WA DOL stating proof of 4 months compliance with IID required to reinstate WA license, but is it legal to drive in WA with valid out of state license if not obtaining a WA state license?
Call WA DOL. Let them know you're not a WA resident and you want to get the hold lifted because you're not going to be...
Reckless Driving , violated an SOC on a DV - No Contact Order with another DUI. Do I need an Immigration Lawyer ?
I snowballed from a bad personal situation and got myself a DUI reduced to Reckless following which my roommate fired up & filed a DV - No Contact order for which I was granted an SOC to keep nose clean a year. I kept snowballing and violated it with a DUI after 6 months nose clean. I was granted a Deferred on the DUI's which I am successfully completing. The DV violation is causing issues we hope to sort out. Will I be stalled for stamping at immigration ? If yes, would a letter from an immigration attorney help or do I need a full blown investigation for immigration to be sorted ? The issue is that my career lines will accept a DUI but DV might be a red flag. I have recovered from the snowball and hopefully dismissed on the DV. 22K down not much to spare so hoping only a letter
You need to hire both an immigration lawyer AND a criminal defense lawyer that does criminal traffic violations as soon...
How long can the court keep my DUI case open without actually charging me?
5 years ago I was arrested for a DUI. I have attended all my court dates but every time I just keep getting rescheduled. I have not gotten in trouble since and I feel like they are just trying to keep me coming back until they can find a way to charge me. How much longer can they keep this up??
I am not sure what your question is but if you plead guilty to a DUI the court has jurisdiction for five years from the...
Can police remove blood drawn for a DUI test from the hospital? And how soon after a traffic incident must have the blood drawn
a horrible thing happened where a person ran out in front of my truck and he bounced off the front grill. the police had me do most of the DUI field sobriety test, but not all of them. I volunteered a field breathalyzer test before I even took my first heel to toe steps. The police said I needed to have blood drawn. I use medical marijuana, and had not utilized any that day. The first hospital they took me to, would not draw my blood without a warrant. They finally found another one that would, 3 hours after the accidnt, Once the blood was taken, the police removed it from the hospital. Is this legal? I requested my backpack out of my truck before I left but did not get it till I got to the precinct and it had been rifled thru, can't prove it, but I believe they tried to log into my laptop
Contact a DUI lawyer for a free consultation now. You need a DUI lawyer to represent you in the DOL and DUI hearings. I...
What are my chances of winning a DUI case and the costs for going to trial?
What are my chances of winning a DUI case? I was pulled over last night for speeding and cooperated with the officer by performing the field tests and BAC test. I blew a .089 and was arrested. I was taken to the station where the officer asked me to fill out a sheet before making me take the Datamaster test. I blew a 0.08 the first time on the Datamaster, and then a 0.068 on the second time. The officer drove me home afterwards and I didn't have to stay in jail.
Just based off what your stated thus far you will have a very defendable case. You should start interviewing lawyers....