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I am preparing to plead guilty to my first DUI but there are two other charges with it.
The two other charges are reckless driving and reckless endangerment. If I complete the diversion program I believe I am eligible for will those charges go onto my permanent record or will they be dropped?
The answer to your question depends upon the terms of diversion. What did the judge tell you? I am not licensed to...
My roommate was charged with 2 DUI's in one night, during one arrest. How is that possible?
Other charges include probation violation and parole violation.
Every separate act of driving can be a dui. So, if cops are following him and he stops at a store then gets back in...
If I simply plead guilty to my first DUI charge with out accepting the diversion. What sentence would that result in. OREGON
Wondering about fines, fees, jail time etc
In reality, there is no way for any of us to adequately answer your question based on this information alone. What you...
In oregon is there a time line from the time of arrest to the time of blood test in order for it to be used as evidence
if your aressted at 4 56am and you tell them you want a lawyer present during any testing and they fail to give you that right by getting a warrant for a blood test which they do a little after there a time frame in which they have to get the blood and can they use it due to refusing said person a lawyer to be present.....
You're not entitled to have a lawyer present during blood testing, and police failure to provide a lawyer to you...
I am being charged with murder and i was investigated while i was still intoxicated is that legal ?
I am being charged with murder and i was investigated while i was still intoxicated is that legal. I am not sure what to do . I dont even remember what happened i was so intoxicated. I was told I wasnt even provoked that i just started hitting this guy and he died . I didnt obviously mean to do it . I have a court appointed attorney and I have been in jail for three monthes being held without bail based on my statement . I have a second status conference that I wont be at because I am not being transported to be present . Is the status conference open to public ? I would like a friend to show up and listen if possible so I have an idea of what happens at the conference.
You need a defense attorney. It is dangerous to represent yourself.
How can i get a revoked license from an MIP back, or a temp license
My son got 2 MIP's and they pulled his license and DMV is telling us he is not eligible for a temporary so that he can get to and from college and work. Is there a way to reinstate his license? some of his friends have got 2 and they didn't get their licenses revoked so I am a little frustrated
contact either of these fine lawyers, they specialize in this field, usually free advice for something like this...
Is my DUI still on my record?
Got a Dui 5 years ago in Minnesota and live in Oregon now; is it still on my record?
The answer to that question would depend on Minnesota law. In Oregon, a DUII conviction cannot be expunged. In...