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DUI question?
How will I know if the DA files charges against me for a dui? I was in a small accident 9 months ago and was sent straight to the hospital. I never got any paperwork at the hospital from the police department and as far as I can tell they did not respond. My hospital records indicted I did have some alcohol in my system, but does not say that any officers arrived for a blood draw or tests. Thanks
One way would be to contact the courthouse to see if there is an open case against you. You can also hire an attorney...
How to approach clearing a bench warrant for an unpaid drunk in public ticket?
Hi there, My fiancé was pulled over in riverside County and the officer told him that he has a bench warrant in Orange County for an unpaid drunk in public ticket from 2007. How does he go about clearing this up? Will he be arrested if he attempts to go to court appearance to pay? Also we both thought he paid this off in full but don't have any proof on our part, is there a way to look up payment history online? Thanks!
Get an attorney in OC and fight ticket. It's from 2007- very good chance of dismissal.
What can happen to me if I have court in riverside California for dui and child endangerment?.
I was driving with my son in the back seat and I got into an accident the cops came and charged me with a dui and child endangerment what will happen in court?
Child Endangerment is a very serious offense that can be charged as a felony or a misdemeanor. Your facing possible...
Ok I have a DUI that is 6 years old caught a recent case on petty theft I'm about to become a MA can I still get certified?
OK my DUI is 6yrs old I completed everything except paying off the fine. ..I caught another case :( for petty theft the girls I was with were stealing but we all got taken in and I guess me having a background of DUI my public defender told me to plead guilty and now I'm on probation! Anyway I'm almost done with school in about a month can I still get certified along with getting my phlebotomy certificate? ??I feel like giving up but I'm paying off my fines I'm just really disappointed.
You really need to speak with a licensing attorney. The DUI and petty theft can be major obstacles in your getting...
California Resident - Out of State DUI in Idaho. License never suspended in California, am I in the clear?
I am a California resident and with a CA drivers license. I was on a business trip in February, had a little too much fun celebrating a new business partnership, and was arrested and charged with DUI. First life time offense (I have never been arrested or charged with anything prior to this unfortunate event). The judge sentenced me to 1 year unsupervised probation,32 hours of community service, alcohol evaluation, victims panel, DUI classes, license suspension for 3 months, and a $1000 fine to the courts of Idaho. California is part of the inter-state compact; however, it seems my license was never suspended in California, and there is no record of a conviction with the CA DMV. It has been six months since my plea of guilty in the Ada county court. Yesterday, I checked my license status with the CA DMV, it is valid with no restrictions or convictions. My question is, how long does it take for IDT to talk to CA DMV? Did something slip through the cracks? Am I in the clear on the license suspension in my home state? Any feedback from a knowledgeable CA or Idaho DUI attorney would be greatly appreciated!
I've run across this situation with a few clients and it seems you simply may have slipped through the cracks. Lucky you.
Do I have a case here? If so, what are my options?
So this is my case in a nutshell, went to go renew my drivers license for the first time. Found out that it has been suspended since 2011, I was still in high school at the time. Turns out there were three tickets under my name that were never taken care of. Here's the shocking thing, I have never had an encounter with a police officer in my life. So I went to court to see what was going on and turns out the officer made a typo when putting in the name of the person who actually commited the crimes (coincidentally having the same name as me and description) however IT WAS NOT ME. The social security, address and middle name were not mine! So he set a court date and the officer who made the mistake appeared in court and said "oh it must have been a mistake with the computer" anyways The judge stamped some papers and told me it was dismissed and it would be cleared up with the DMV in 45 days but he never took care of it and it never got cleared up. Furthermore, he also said that it was okay to drive as long as I showed the officer the paper he wrote on and stamped. I got pulled over ! Almost had my car impounded !
A case for what? Sounds like you need to go back to the courthouse.
I got my Dui in November 2010 I never finished attending my DUI classes or finished paying the fines
I had financial difficulties, I am a single mother of 2 and I need my license back to provide proper transportation for my children and so I can get a job to support my children and have money to pay my fines , I called the courts and they informed me there is am arrest warrant out for me so I am scheduled to see the judge in 3 days I am very nervous because I don't know what to expect.. what should I do or what should I expect?
Need to find some way of making a payment of some type prior to the court appearance, if the court will accept partial...