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Can the police in California seize and dispose of my car when arrested but not charged or convicted of weed DUI?
Was arrested but not charged. Police took my car and disposed of it.
Did they serve you with a notice of forfeiture proceedings? If you didn't respond within 30 days, you lost the car....
My son got a ticket in 2012 for driving on a suspended license for a DUI in Shasta County California.
He never took any action and now he can not get his drivers license reinstated until he does. The ticket has been purged {what does that mean} does he have to go to Shasta County to clear this? Can it be taken care of in San Diego. Is there usually a fine or jail time for this offense?
Your son should go to DMV and find out why his license is suspended. Is it for failing to appear in court? Was he...
What evidence will a District Attorney need to convict someone of a DUI? Is just the BAC enough evidence?
Was in a single car accident, when fell asleep at the wheel. I blew a .05 BAC, I'm 18 years old and they are charging me with a DUI. I had a concussion and dont remember much, but they don't have me driving and I did no damage to anyone/anything. I've talked to another attorney and he said that the sobriety test will be invalid because of concussion.
Keep talking to more attorneys, but not here, in person. Beware of sales pitches. There are certainly arguments to...
Should i hire an attorney
I got my first dui Saturday night bring my freinds home from the bar, i had a few drinks but did not myself feel to intoxicated to drive, officer pulled me over for speeding was doing 55 in a 45 and he said i crossed the double yellow witch i dont belive i did. I was however doing 55 in a 45 becuse i looked at my speedometer when he lit me up. He asked if i where i was comimg from and where i was going and if i had anything to drink. I replied from the bar to hope and yes 3 beers he preformed feild sobriity test and breath test i had to blow 3 times to get an accurate reading he proceeded to cuff me i ask what was my charge he said dui although did not read me my rights had to do another 3 blows in the machine at the station to get an accurate reading when i ask what i blew he said .15 will be scheduling dmv hearing to keep my license but was wondering if i should hire an attorney its my first offense with no criminql background and being a firefighter i really need to keep my license any advise is helpful as i feel lost.
Yes, you should hire an attorney ASAP. Impaired driving is a serious offense and should not be taken lightly. Best wishes.
What kind of evidence is needed to convict someone DUI in trial? Is just the BAC enough?
Just need to know the answer to above.
Duplicate post, Redding. You can't solve this with a series of questions online. Lawyer up. If you can't afford a...
Is there anyway to wait out the time frame the dmv wants you to have an interlock device in ca? or fight it.
in 2011 i got my 1st and only dui. in 2015 i finished my classes. the court did not issue the interlock dmv did. after 2 driving on suspendeds goin to and from work to save up money for the classes and supporting a 4 year old. i do not have anyone to ask for help to drive me and there are no bus stops around my home. so i was forced by myself and life to drive. now dmv wants me to have interlock till 2017. can i just not drive until then then get my CDL? or will the time just extend every day that goes by? is there a way to go to dmv and fight it since its been 5 years since dui? please help i just want this done with and be able to drive my son to school with out breaking the law.
The DMV does not care about your sob story. They control all matters concerning your license. You can't just wait...
RN charged with DUI. If charges are reduced to reckless driving, how will that affect my license?
I was pulled over going around a turnabout, and had drank 2-3 cups of beer, the last one being about 1.5 hours prior to driving. After passing the field sobriety test, I was asked to perform a breathalyzer, which resulted in 0.122%, and 2 minutes later 0.123%. The officers repeatedly commented that my cooperation was very appreciated, and would reflect positively on my court case. They also said my career would reflect on my penalties in a positive light. On our initial stop at a CHP outpost, they performed another breathalyzer, which resulted in 0.10%. The arresting officers said there was a chance the charges could be reduced to reckless driving. If that is the case, what's the impact, if any, of that on my nursing license?
It's really a question for a licensing attorney. My general understanding is the nursing board sees it as an alcohol-...