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  • 3 face gun, heroin charges in Red Lion

    Sunday Nov 22 | via The York Daily Record 

    Police said that at 1:19 a.m. on Oct. 29, they stopped a vehicle driven by Jason Michael Valentin, 27, of Red Lion, at the intersection of West Broadway and North Franklin Street. Valentin was charged with driving under the influence of heroin and also possession of heroin and related paraphernalia.


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  • Police catch Red Lion robbery suspect

    Wednesday Nov 4 | via The York Daily Record 

    Police catch Red Lion robbery suspect State police arrested a man in connection with a convenience store robbery in Red Lion Check out this story on ydr: A man's penchant for lottery tickets -- and also his status as a regular at a Red Lion convenience store -- led to his arrest in connection with a robbery there Oct. 5, according to charging documents. Along with money, Michael Allen Storm, 32, allegedly took lottery tickets from the Turkey Hill, 346 W. Broadway, then tried to cash them in at other convenience stores around the county, documents state.


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  • Police: Red Lion man stole $1,600 in lottery tickets...

    Wednesday Nov 4 | via York Dispatch 

    Police say a Red Lion man stole more than $2,000 in lottery tickets and cash at gunpoint from the Turkey Hill he frequents that's a block down from his home. Michael Allen Storm, 32, of 212 W. Broadway, is charged with robbery, aggravated assault and firearms violations, which are all felonies, as well as making terroristic threats, theft, and other related misdemeanor offenses, according to the criminal complaint against him.


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Red Lion Law

If I am on ARD and I have received a summary offense during that time, I plead guilty will i get removed from the ARD Program?
Talked to my PO. She said that I would have to be infront of a judge but I want to know the likely of getting removed if all my fines are being paid every month.
An attorney who practices in York Co will be in the best position to offer an opinion on the subject. I would expect...
I had a DUI preliminary hearing a couple months back. I incurred drug charges with it. The officer dropped them.
I was wondering if it would still be on my record. I haven't had the ARD hearing yet though.
In Pennsylvania, charges remain on your record until you file a petition to expunge and then forward copies of the...
Is all hope lost for an appeal after being convicted of 3rd dui after a few years go by?
i have heard i have 10 days to appeal and then 30 days to appeal a penn dot driving revocation. is all hope lost for an appeal after 30 days. it happened in 2006. i have been told there is nothing that can be done,i have been searching for answers and been let down, i wont give up. but i lost my license for 7.5 yrs and im hoping for a better result of some sort. in pa after 3rd dui i cant even drive to work and back, i need help
You have ten days from the date of sentencing to file motions with the court and thirty days to appeal regarding the...
Can i get a DL in a non ndr state with a revoked license in an ndr state?
i have a revoked license in pa which is a part of a the ndr but i have heard i may be able to get a license in a non ndr state such as geor,tenn,mi,wisc, and mass if i became a resident there, is this true?
Probably not. Even if they are non NDR, they should run a nationwide check of your driving status and if you have a DUI...
Moving to md can i get my drivers license there with pa revoked license
my license is revoked in pa, with no way to even drive to work and back. i was wondering if there is any way i can get a restricted license or anything just to get to work and back in the state of md once i move there
First I would make sure you contact a Maryland Attorney regarding this issue because all states have different rules...
Do i have to retake the road test after a revoked license?
i was just wondering if i have to re take the drivers exam and road test after having a 5 yr revocation for dui? york county, pa
Probably, yes. Both.
Gun ownership revoked for DUI
I was convicted of DUI in 2009 (I was 19 at the time). The highest charge I had was 1st degree misdemeanor. It was accident involving personal injury or death (I was the only person injured and went to the hospital). I had fulfilled all of my legal obligations afterward (18 days served in county, fines paid, rehab etc.) Last year I had tried to purchase a firearm and was declined due to my record. Is there some sort of waiting period after coviction to purchase a firearm or is legal counsel required?
Federal law prohibits a person with a conviction punishable by more than one year in jail, amongst other things, from...