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If an officer is fired and under state investigation can he still be called as a witness in my DUI Case?
I was arrested for DUI nearly a year ago in southern IL. The States Attorney is pushing for full punishment. We are finally going to bench trial in July. However, it has recently been brought to my attention that the arresting officer has been dismissed, is no longer able to work as an officer and is under state investigation (for what was unclear). Can he still be called as a credible witness in my case? If not, can my case be dismissed?
Can he still be called as a witness? Yes. Will he still be called as a witness? It depends -- on his availability,...
How to get a hardship licence?
I got a dui 7 years ago. I just got a job i need a licence to keep. I need to get my license back ASAP or at least a hardship license. I am having issues with the hearing officer, he keeps giving me the run around. not sure what to do. please help.
The right attorney will help you navigate this process to safely. Good luck.
How do i get rid of a summary suspension on my driving record, was arrested for DUI but charges was reduced .
but the suspension still remain, i got a DUI in 2005 and my license was revoked
See the online information with the Secretary of State. You should contact an informal hearing officer at a Secretary...
Will I not get hired because of a DUI?
I have already went through the interview process for a job in which I now have to wait to take the drug test and get the background check done (which will happen on the 20th). However in the time between signing the papers (9th) and getting the background check done I got arrested for a dui on the jan 13th which is before my background check (jan 20th). My court date isn't until the next month (February 13th) and my license has not yet been suspended (I got 46 days until). Will this arrest show up on this background check even though I have not yet been convicted?
Yes it will show up on a background check most likely. How can we answer a question about an unknown employer and...
How can I be charged with DUI when I was not driving
I was pulled over in the state of Illinois a few blocks away from a bar. I was a passenger in a vehicle owned and being driven by a lady that worked at the bar who was transporting me home because I was to intoxicated to drive. I was pulled from the vehicle and told that I was seen driving earlier that day. They took me in handcuffs to the police station, I had chest pains and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. The officer asked if I would submit to a blood alcohol test. I asked if it was required by Illinois state law for the passenger in a motor vehicle to submit to a blood alcohol test. He answered no and I told him that was my answer also. They wrote me a ticket for DUI went back to the bar seized my car according to the rico act. I lost my car and am still fighting DUI. The only evidence is two witness's who state I was driving my vehicle earlier that day. I am defending myself due to lack of money caused by medical problems. There was no accident. Thank you for your time.
You might qualify for a public defender. There are avenues of defense available but I think you would have a hard time...
Will I be drug tested on court supervision for a dui?
I went to meet my PO yesterday and she said i don't have to come back in. Just have to fill out a monthly report and email it to her. So will I still be tested? In piatt county.
Clarify that issue with your PO. Get whatever is decided in writing,
Can you be charge with DUI after an emergency room blood draw
involved in a motor vehicle accident was transported to hospital for a minor abrasion to my leg, no other complaints of injury. blood was drawn and the results were returned half and hour before my documented in custody time. NOTE: an officer was in the room when the Dr. returned with the results of the blood test. Medical records document the time of test and the time of results, only documented arrest time was on the warning to motorist. Please cite any case law pertaining to time of arrest in relation to the results of an emergency room blood draw.
I would look into filing a Motion to Suppress the blood draw. I recommend contacting a lawyer if you haven't done so...