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Arrested for another DUI May of 2010 ,before SB598 ,I was convicted Aug 2010 ,after.Do I have to do 12 Mon.of a class to drive?
The mandatory action committee tells me thay go by violation date which would put me under the old law . Requiring me to complete 12months of a DUI program to get a restricted lic. If I am under SB598 due to a conviction date after it took effect, I would only need proof of enrollment in the program.
12 months? DMV never requires a 12 month program. Are you talking about a second offense? Your question states CA,...
I got what seems to be an never ending dui case complied with judge orders all but one,40 day jail stay,jail medical says no
I am terminal ill organ failure ect from being hurt,11 or so times now still no jail,court cost,on my 2nd lawyer now almost going on a year well judge asked again if i want to try again for jail,ya ok worse now then i was almost a year ago ,its just going to be the same ,just worse for me because my health is worse ,and i will get more time since i did not complie all sad any advice,i try at times to make em take me warrant by not show,pick me up site release,then messes up my social ,my medical insurance,ect the warrant another round i suppose,
Diff it'll to offer any advice without knowing details. What you wrote is confusing
Charged with DUI. Breath test was .083. Took blood test. When can I get blood test results
An hour after first breath test took another one. It was .035. Court date is 2 weeks from arrest. Can I get blood test results before that?
Not always. It is not uncommon for the arraignment to take place with no blood results available or be continued...
What are the chances of me losing my license?
Last night, 3 of my buddies and I were drinking at a park. We got a minor in possession on alcohol. 25662 B&P. He marked non traffic if it matters. It's my first time. I'm just worried about my license. I need it for work and I'm going to start school. Are they just going to make me pay the fine, which is fine with me or will they also suspend my license? Should I plead no contest or guilty?
It is largely irrelevant as to what happens in court. Once DMV gets word of it, they will try to suspend you for one...
Hi im 14 and got a dui for weed can police man that arrested me draw blood with out my parent permission
they drew like 3 pints of blood from me and did not say anything to me.
I doubt seriously anyone drew 3 pints of blood. 3 tubes or vials, but that is a lot less than 3 pints. As to whether...
Can i get a dui if noone saw the accident ?
a friend of mine owns 20 acres on hogsback road in red bluff ca. it is fully fenced with razor wire and a locked gate. while there i drank some alcohol and then ran into an old motorhome on the property. my friend took me to the hospital and then the c.h.p showed up and gave me a dui. they didnt see where the accident occured. noone even saw me riding the atv. can i fight this case?
You can fight it if #1 you were on private property. #2, unless you made statements admiiting you were driving, it...
Can this really be happening?!!
i was recently on private property with a ten foot fence with razor wire and a chained gate. there was an accident involving an atv. i cracked my head open and went to the hospital, then the chp showed up and gave me a dui. i was knocked unconscious and in shock dont remember what my statement to the police was. they never saw the atv or the scene of the accident. noone saw who the operator of the atv was.are the statements i mad in that state of mind usable against me in court? and can i fight this?
First, if you are charged with a DUI, then that simply means that you were driving with an blood alcohol level or more...