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My daughter goes every other weekend to her dad's house. He has had 2 DUI's and 1 PUI in a year. What do I do?
He lives with his parents. He don't work. He is five months behind on child support.
You need to take him back to Court and petition to modify the visitation/ child support.
Misdemeanor DUI, took deferred prosecution in Alabama, NOW I NEED HELP !!!
Breath test was 0.0, blood test could only have shown my prescription medicine, (they couldn't find the results anyway) Entered deferral program, but rescheduled the evaluation several times & had not paid anything yet due to: my child having 3 surgeries, went thru a 5 month divorce after 27 yrs marriage plus I'd learned it cost more & lasted 2ce longer than I was told on court day. When I finally did go for my evaluation appt, instead of being evaluated, I was given a new court date. Should I apply for appointed lawyer or borrow the money & hire my own? Any opinion on what I may be sentenced with?
There are many reasons and advantages to having a good privately retained DUI attorney represent you on your matter....
I have a no-contest DUI from 08/14 in Pensacola, FL - AL DL suspended - What do I do?
AL tells me FL must clear me from the National Registry of suspended drivers license. FL tells me I must go to an approved DUI Program/School. Neither will tell me where I can do this in AL (or in FL for that matter). I have been to the local AL office... no help. I have called, and emailed the FL authority - no help, and no response. My FL probation officer will not help either. He knows nothing, and will not lift a finger to find out what I need to do to clear the suspension. What do I do now?
This is not an uncommon situation. Have your attorney or hire one to get the judge in P-cola to authorize you to take...
Open container violation Barbour county Alabama
I was cited for open container violation in Barbour county Alabama. Blew 0.00. If convicted would i have to go through Court referral program in addition to the fines. In case i am referred to cro would i be able to request to avoid random alcohol test and color coding
Good questions. The answers would depend upon your prior criminal history, your age, whether you are on probation...
Are most people in Troy, Al given jail time as a penalty for a second offense minor consumption?
I was arrested in Troy, Al for a minor in consumption. I wrecked my car and refused to take a breath test. I was given the option to blow the next morning, and I blew a .02. This would be my second offense. I pleaded youthful offender on my first offense, and I completed the pre trial diversion program. I was just wondering if I would go to level 2 classes or if I was looking at jail time. Thank you very much for your help.
There are lots of unanswered facts here - are you still on probation from the first offense? If so, the court has the...
Court Referral program Albama
I was convicted in Barbour county Alabama for alcohol related charges and have to undergo Level 1 CRO. However i live in Atlanta, GA. How can i request the transfer of my program to some other county in Alabama which is closer and easier to travel like Brimigham. I need this as i gave a full time job and is impossible to do a 7 hour travel every time. Please help
The CRO officer in Barbour County can transfer your supervision to any other CRO office in the state of Alabama. All it...
What am I looking at on my court date?
I was charged with Minor in consumption in Troy, AL on June 15, 2015. This is a second offense minor in consumption for Pike County. I wrecked my car when this occurred. I was wondering what I am looking at, and if I should get an attorney. I am 19 years old.
Best to get a local criminal lawyer to fight it so hopefully you can avoid any penalties.