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Misdemeanor DUI, took deferred prosecution in Alabama, NOW I NEED HELP !!!
Breath test was 0.0, blood test could only have shown my prescription medicine, (they couldn't find the results anyway) Entered deferral program, but rescheduled the evaluation several times & had not paid anything yet due to: my child having 3 surgeries, went thru a 5 month divorce after 27 yrs marriage plus I'd learned it cost more & lasted 2ce longer than I was told on court day. When I finally did go for my evaluation appt, instead of being evaluated, I was given a new court date. Should I apply for appointed lawyer or borrow the money & hire my own? Any opinion on what I may be sentenced with?
There are many reasons and advantages to having a good privately retained DUI attorney represent you on your matter....
How Can I fight a DUI?
Hello, I recently had a DUI and I have my court on nov 15, I’m here undocumented with no DL. There any way I could be deported? Should I move to an other address? Thanks you.
Yes, you can be deported. Talk to a lawyer right away.
I got a DUI in Florida on 2005 and did not complete my Classes what can I do ?
Couldn't afford just like my present time I'm living in Alabama
Only a lawyer in the city where you got the charges can tell you what you need to do. Please contact a Florida...
How do I get my license back after dui?
I plead to a dui in tenn. Part of my sentence included loss of my tennessee license for one year. I m now a resident of alabama. Once my fines and court conditions are met, how do I go about getting an alabama license after my suspension period is up? Will i have to reinstate my tennesee license first? Will I have to file sr22 with tenn or get an interlock system? This was my first offense and I submitted to blood test but was never provided the results since I plead to the charge. There was no one injured but i did wreck my vehicle.
The clerk of the court in the county where the DWI conviction was entered sent a notice of conviction to the Tennessee...
What can I expect at my arraignment for my second DUI in Alabama?
I do not have an attorney and cannot afford one. I was charged with a second DUI and I'm still on probation from the first DUI that I have. What should I expect when I go to court?
An arraignment is the time in which a plea is entered by a defendant in court. A second DUI in Alabama has a mandatory...
How long will it take to know when my court date is for my dui?
I am a senior in college and I was involved in a single car accident. I took the soberity test and it was high. I was not arrest and I don't know will I be charge or not. I ask the police when and he said he may do it or not. Should I call to see if I have a warrant for my arrest? I am really stressing
Were you issued a U.T.T.C? The court date is printed on the lower right part of the U.T.T.C. with the address of the...
Why do I have to screen for first dui for 12months?
I was driving pulled over and given a dui test failed
Have you been to court? Did you plea guilty? Was this agreement part of a deferred prosecution ?