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I have a dwi suspension for 10 yrs, Have 3 to go is there a way to reduce it? Post conviction relief.
I had 3 dwi, im a normal guy, used to drink beer social settings only, not at all in yrs. My first was in 87 fir going 45 in a 35, 2nd police pulled over cars leaving bar on vac down pt pleasant and last in tinton falls. Those last 2 were during a divorce in 2007-9. I have served 7 of the 10 yr suspension. Is there any way to reduce the suspension? Thinking good behavior as no issues since or challenging the 30 yr first dwi? I never received a 2 yr suspension. Im really a normal guy who made an error. The suspension is impacting my life and im just trying to see if something can be done. Thanks
Did you also have to do the 180 days in jail? Did you have attorneys for any of these matters? More information is needed.
Will you be denied a, server abc card. if you had a dui in nj
Im applying for an abc card to be a server at a restaurant . I had gotten a dui 2 years previous . will I be denied the card to work as a server?
A DUI should not prohibit you from obtaining an ABC card. Good luck!
I got a DWI last night in NJ. I blew a .16 at the police station.
I got a DWI last night in NJ. I blew a .16 at the police station. I pulled into a empty vacant lot off the highway cause I smelled gasoline from the engine. I was making a phone call when the cop pulled up behind me and starting asking me questions. I did the fst for him.. one leg up and also heal to toe test. He arrested me. I need my license for my job. Any great Attorneys can help?
Much more information is needed to answer this question. “Operation” is what they need to prove and that is broader...
My brother was charged with US 8CFR287.7 A he was arrested for no license and drunk driving in california?
what can happened he would get deported? cause they didnt give him a bail
You need to speak to an immigration attorney and a Cal. attorney. Sorry I cannot be of more help. Check Yolanda...
I got my license suspended when I was 16 for 180 days. Is it 180 days from my court date? Or 180 days from my birthday?
I got a 500 dollar fine and my license suspended for 180 days.
You get it back 180 days after the court date IF you pay all fines, and pay the restoration fee to NJ MVC and they tell...
Probation says I can not consume Alcohol.
My case had nothing to do with Alcohol or Drugs. The Judge informed me I would have to take Drug testing. but no mention of Alcohol testing. The papers the Judge gave me in court had Drug testing checked off but Alcohol was not checked off. I failed a Urine test for consumption of Alcohol. Now Probation wants me to take Alcohol class. I don't think it's fair I can not drink Alcohol for the next 3 years. Is there anything I can do to have Alcohol consumption approved on my Probation.
Your condition of probation not to drink alcohol is a common one in NJ. This question is best answered by your lawyer...
Traveling to Mexico on PTI in New Jersey allowed?
I have a misdemeanor for getting caught with under 50 grams, it's been about 5-6 months since I have been drug tested and yet still no contact with PO. I never used a lawyer to get on PTI, I was offered it, I also am in the state of NJ. Is there any way I can go to Mexico for one week without approval from my PO? or is that risky? Should I ask my PO before hand, I have documents for my arrival and departure state also with the place i'm staying. It is for my one year anniversary with my girlfriend.
Sounds like you got a conditional discharge rather than PTI, but in either case you need to get permission from you PO...