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If I tested positive for alcohol by another government agency, will they tell my probation officer and can they legally do so?
I am trying to get custody of my child, who is currently in CYS's care. I am also on probation for multiple DUI's. CYS did a random alcohol test on me, which I failed. Can they tell my probation officer? If so, can probation legally do anything about it since it wasn't my PO who tested me?
Sure they can tell. Whether your probation officer can do anything about it depends on a lot of factors. The barrier...
PA license suspension for possession of alcohol under 21 - hold an out of state license
I hold a NJ license, however my driving privileges in PA are being suspended for 90 days for possessing alcohol in my dorm, and being only 20 I was charged as a minor. I am currently in the ARD Program for first time offenders to expunge the charges I received, however I still received a license suspension from PennDOT. I'd like to know more about if I am able to appeal this suspension in any way to avoid the suspension. Or if I am able to appeal while being in ARD.... I live in NJ along the PA border and frequently bring my terminally ill mother awaiting a transplant to doctor's appointments in Philly, as I am her current caretaker and no one else is able to drive her. I will also need to drive back to school in the fall while it is still suspended or if I were to receive the call my mother was receiving her transplant and I needed to drive home.... This is very critical and I appreciate any help.
It sounds like you should've taken action a lot sooner with regard to this issue. Unfortunately, with an out-of-state...
DO I waive my preliminary hearing first or do I send my ard application then wait for it be acccepted. Then waive my hearing?
First time offense for dui in centre county (state college) with limited prior criminal record (public urination and speeding ticket)/
Every county is different, but traditionally you submit your ARD application either at the Preliminary Hearing or...
Can I still be charged with a dui if i was asleep in Walmart tire center lot, keys wete in cup holder between the two seats.
I got a flat tire and called Walmart and was told that the tire and lube center would be open at 7 AM , I Stayed awake all night fearing I would fall asleep and wouldn't wake in time to get a new tire. And then fell asleep about 25 minutes before the tire center opened another employee called the police. The police tried to wake me with no responce, Then my wife shouted my name and woke me. Asked if i new where i was I said in my brothers drive way due to being half asleep I was then told I had to do a field test. After, I was told that I was under arrest for suspicion of dui and I had to do a blood test in which I refused asking what part i failed and asked for a lawyer "he said all of it and to just have a seat Matt" ( My name is Joe) the officer called me Matt 3 or 4 times. My brothers name is Matt who he has had several issues with. I have a clean record and do not even talk to my family due to their lifestyle choices. My reason for refusal is; needles send me strait into an anxiety attack, due to I have Ptsd. I Just refused blood being taking and I asked for a lawyer on 3 more occasions before I was read the dui refusis sheet.
Sure. They can charge anyone they believe they have probable cause committed a crime. The million dollar question is...
What is the likelihood that a driver license suspension will be adjusted through the appeals process?
My son refused a blood alcohol test which resulted in an automatic one year suspension of his license. He then had to appear in court and was admitted to the ARD program, but that included an additional 60 day suspension. We just received notice that the 60 day suspension will run in addition to the current year. In effect making it a 14 month suspension. If we appeal is it possible to change that to concurrent with the 12 month suspension that he is already serving?
Very, very, very difficult to win. All the cop has to do is read him the warnings that he has to give blood or lose...
Will I be drug tested on ARD?
I am going for to my ARD placement in about a week from now for paraphernalia and small possession of marijuana in Centre County Pennsylvania. I am not worried about failing a drug test as I have kept colors but I am wondering if I will be tested at some point and when that would be?
Just continue under the assumption that you will be and you won't know when. That way you don't have to worry when and...
If the PA state police issued the citation to my daughter at Penn State, is it true that they do not have the ability to charge?
My daughter received a second offense for underage drinking at state college. Is there any way to do community service to avoid the drivers license suspension of 1 year for the second offense? Should she plead guilty or not guilty? Thanks
Where there is a will there is often a way. Your salvation will most not likely lie in the officer not having...