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My wife is serving 1 to 5 for a 3rd offense d.u.I in P.A. Can this be transferred to A.L.
My wife and I live and reside in Alabama along with all her family. She has no family in P.A.
She must serve the incarceration portion of her sentence in Pennsylvania. There is the possibility of having her...
I'm nineteen years old and I was drunk and me and my friend pushed our other friend over in a porta-potty and he says he will
contact the police if he doesn't get $2500. What should I do
Contact an attorney because this may be EXTORTION. However, he may be saying hey "pay my medical bills and what not...
What is the time period that the court is required to inform a person of the results of a blood test for suspicion of DUI ?
Recently arrested for suspicion of DUI and have not received any notification in 3.5 weeks.
No court, magisterial or Common Pleas, is involved yet as I understand your situation. You are awaiting charges...
I was arrested for DUI and I am 18 with no prior record. Approximate BAC: 0.8 - 0.10 Do I have a case/need an attorney? 7-25-14
I was pulled over and told I blew through a stop sign around 1:15 a.m. However, I was not pulled over for 1/2 - 3/4 of a mile after the supposed stop sign I blew through. I do not think I blew through a stop sign, as I have lived in this area for over ten years and remember stopping at the only stop sign close to where I was pulled over. They said they smelled alcohol on my breath, but I had a friend in the car as well. I passed their sobriety tests except for one tiny stumble over 3 separate tests. Then I was arrested for DUI and taken to a hospital for bloodwork, which I am still awaiting. I expect the BAC to come back around 0.8 - 0.10. After being read my rights, I admitted to drinking approximately 6 shots around 11 P.M. I told them I felt sober and coherent. Do I have a chance here?
There's no way for an attorney to tell you what your chances are without looking at the evidence. I just got off a...
Do you have to show your license at a DUI checkpoint in PA?
I went through a checkpoint today and the officer demanded my license. He then told me that I always have to give them my license if requested, even when walking down the street. I know that is bull. Do I have to present my license at a checkpoint?
Were you the driver? Title 75, Section 1511 says, in part: ยง 1511. Carrying and exhibiting driver's license on...
How many years after 2nd DUI must pass to be able to get ARD
I had 2nd DUI 24 years ago, also had minor traffic accident on this charge
For ARD purposes, the relevant look-back period is 10 years, so technically you are eligible. However, each county's...
Penn State Underage Drinking Citation, should I plead guilty or not?
I just received a citation for underage drinking, the police asked me a couple of questions and then I was sent to the hospital where I had blood tests done. I do not care much about the fine and can hire a lawyer, but I cannot have a record of underage drinking on me. Is there any way to get rid of it? They asked me if I had drank and I told them I had 4 shots of Vodka. I am ready to alcohol programs, community service, whatever it takes. Thank you so much.
Enter a plea of not guilty and hire an attorney.