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How long does the prosecutor have to file charges on D.W.I arrest?
I was pulled over on dwi suspicion and taken into custody where I bailed out. My bail was lifted being that they hadn't filed charges and I was told that the prosecutor still could file charges at a later date, but it almost been a year since the arrest. Can you guys help me please
2 years from the date of the arrest.
Can I ask the court to revisit DUI?
I was charged with a DUI (BAC .04) and my attorney plead it down to a reckless driving. I have bad coordination because of medical reasons so I failed the fill sobriety test. I wasn't driving when I was arrested. Someone reported I was driving reckless and cop came to my location and arrested me.
This sounds like it would be difficult to re open if I am understanding the situation. You had an attorney and have...
If I don't follow recommendations for treatment for a DUI what could happen?
I live in Washington state. I was asked to get a drug & alcohol assessment and they recommend treatment. What if I don't follow their recommendations? What could happen?
Impostion of the balance of the suspended jail time. Up to 364 days. Fines too
What are my options or best possible outcomes? DUI blood test came back with .16
I'm a 31 year old female, single mother of 2. This is my first offense with no prior history except for a speeding ticket about 5 years ago and one when i was 16 (just got my license). When the officer asked me if i'll be willing to take a breathalyzer i said no ( not sure why) my car got impounded, handcuffs were put on and i was taking to a state patrol location where i still took the breathalyzer that came back at .16 and answered some questions before they called the cab and sent me home. I don't know how severe the outcome can be, and what my options are. I can't have DUI show up on my record but i don't even know if this is an option. Any advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
You were correct in refusing the breathalyzer but they you caved. You need to be contacting local DUI attorneys who...
How can I verify if an out of state DUI (from FL) can be used in WA
I have a DUI in Washington and the prosecutor is using a DUI from Florida as a prior. I would like to know 1. How can I check to see if the Florida DUI can be dismissed? 2. Is there a service and/or an experienced attorney well known for this type of service? Or that can consult on this matter? This is very important to me, so I greatly appreciate your help I'm advance.
1. You will need to contact a lawyer in Florida to see if your DUI is eligible for expungement. 2. The question is...
Can I travel to and from Mexico with a minor DUI/reckless driving charge on my record?
December 25, 2015 I got pulled over and got a DUI. After going through the court process it ended up as a reckless driving charge and I served no jail time, only 24 hours of community service. I know I am unable to travel into Canada but I was wondering if I am able to travel into Mexico and back into the United States. Thank you!
Entrance into another country is always at the discretion of an immigration officer, upon arrival in that country. They...
Can California extradite me for my DUI if I get stopped in WA?
I have two DUIs in the state of CA that have yet to be dealt with. I live in GA and am about to move to WA. I'm worried though that CA may extradite me all the way from WA. Is this something I need to worry about. My DUIs are from 2012 as well.
If you have a warrant for you arrest issued by a court anywhere in the US, you can be arrested anywhere in the US at...