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Can the police use the ER routine blood test when I arrived, can I be charged with DUI at this point?
3 days ago in PA I was in an accident where i hit a phone pole, spun and hit another car. Others were ok, police were called by witnesses. I remember hitting and airbags going off. I don't know for how long time went, but I then remember sirens and a police office asking if I blacked out, I said no but I was obviously in shock. He asked me what happened and all I could say was I don't know. He asked I was ok I said I think so and when i tried to get out of the car I couldn't walk on one leg. I sat back in the car. Cop had my info, so I had to of given it. It my cell which only I would know on initial police report. Never asked if I was drinking. EMS never asked. I was able to answer all questions. I had a procedure in ER and I remember the cop giving me the initial copy of the report with the card of where my car was towed. He asked no questions. I was never asked by the cops to give blood or a breathalyzer. ER later said blood confirmed I was way over the legal limit. Initial report mentions nothing, I was never asked. Can they obtain the blood test even though it wasn't asked by the cops and chain of evidence wasn't secured? PA needs a warrent for blood or consent.
Police can obtain a search warrant for your BAC results. However, there is a substantial difference between serum...
My wife drove my car without a license got stopped. I got a fine too. Can i get out of it without her getting in trouble?
I was at work and my wife was driving my car without a license. She got stopped by local PD in Pennsylvania. Is there any defense for me to get out of the fine without her getting arrested for grand theft? I was already at work for almost 3 hours when this happened. She is a permitted driver and she got pulled over for the inspection being out and the police found out she didnt have a license. I wouldnt want to say she stole the car because technically she didnt but I am trying to avoid the fine for her driving.
Yes there is a defense of knowledge of the suspension. I suggest you speak with an attorney like myself, or someone...
I have 1 dui and a misdemeanor carrying without a permit but it was my registered weapon!
it was my weapon registered to my name but it was loaded. it was my 1st gun brought at 21 while in the army. i was convicted of misdemeanor carrying without a permit. is there anyway i can get my carrying permit or get my gun rights restored in my home state?
You would need to check with a gun rights attorney in your state and have him or her to review your situation. You may...
Will my conditional discharge be affected if I get charges in another state?
I received charges for marijuana and was placed on conditional discharged. I then before my first drug test for my conditional discharge received another charge.
Guess is yes it will be effected best to ask your Attorney.
As a first offender of a DUI with the highest alcohol level, can I still get ARD?
I ran into a parked car and got a DUI
It depends on the county where the charges are pending. In Berks county you should be eligible. If it is in Bucks Count...
When does my first DUI get expunged if I take ARD classes?
I just received my first DUI and plan on taking ARD classes, how long will it take to get that expunged off of my record?
Usually around 30 days or so after completion of the ARD program you should be able to get your record expunged....
If the judge says 60 days, can Penndot still say 90 days? Or is what the judge says goes?
my DUI was for drugs and I am 20 years old in the ARD program. The judge said 60 day suspension, but my public defender said Penndot could make it 90.
PennDot makes their own rules, so they dont really listen to judges. DUI under 21 usually results in a 90 day suspension.