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Charges against a passenger
If I'm a passenger in a friend's vehicle, and the friend is arrested for DUI, and I have also been drinking, can I be charged with anything?
not from what you described.
What do i do for an out of state DUI
I live in Massachusetts but i was visiting my daughter in Maryland when i was pulled over for a DUI. I plead guilty at the out of state hearing and they suspended my license for a year. On the plea form there are various restrictions such as needing a device installed in my car and only being able to drive to my doctor apartments, to get the device re-calibrated and to AA meetings. Massachusetts has since sent me a letter stating my license is revoked for a year. Do the restrictions set by Maryland transfer to Massachusetts?
They should, you should call the lawyer who represented you in Maryland to find out what to do here in Massachusetts....
How do I get my insurance to see i was not gulity vs guilty, Change records to not show me as a felon, get my CDL back somehow?
In 2000 arrested for DUI, resulted in CWOF. Then in 2014 arrested for DUI, found not guilty but lost my CDL for 10yrs to life, insurance $$$ - chg me as if i was guilty and considered a FELON now. Lawyer said CDL loss is nothing he can change, the commonwealth considers this 2 DUI's so loss of CDL (Megan's law). But 1st was CWOF, 2nd not guilty?? Been to a couple attorneys and they say they cant do anything??? But then I have heard from others that someone who had 3 DUI's still had their CDL. How is this?? Also need to get my records to not show me as a felon? Spent alot of $$$ with alot of promises to get this taken care of but it remains the same. My CDL was my livelihood and now havent worked in years.
From your information, you are definitely NOT a "felon", unless there are other guilty findings on your record in Mass....
What can be done so my insurance doesnt go up, my record shows I am a felon when I am not and get my CDL back
In 2000 got arrested for DUI in Massachusetts, went to court and the judgement was a CWOF . Then in 2014 was arrested again for a DUI in Massachusettes (asleep with the car parked, but keys in ignition, etc..basically a cop trying to say something happened that didnt) anyhow went to court and was found not guilty. I am told I am now considered a FELON. How is that when I was found NOT GUILTY in a court w/jurors. My insurance has gone up, I lost my CDL and I cant go for many jobs because I am a FELON. Is there a way to correct this? Because if you are found not guilty but still end up with the consequences of someone guilty then that was a waste of $10k with a lawyer.
Your cod from 2000 should not have any effect on your cdl license. You should get in touch with an attorney who deals...
Is it typical for probation to keep you in the US despite having travel permission to go to other states? Can this be modified?
I was arrested for DUI in September and pled to a CWOF. I have completed all requirements and am just waiting for this case to be dismissed. I have an event I would like to attend in Canada, but my PO says he cannot give me permission to travel internationally.
You can ask the probation officer to bring you in front of the judge and ask the judge to give you permission. The...
Ultimately, can my arrest description on Google search be removed if I get my records sealed from the courts?
I am almost done with probation as result from a CWOF I recieved from an OUI in May 2015. I plan to get my record sealed months after probation is finished, but I want to know what exactly is being sealed. Here is my issue, I googled my name for the first time in a while and the first thing that came up was the arrest log from my towns news paper.
Arrest records are public information, and not going to have all these websites remove it
What do I do after a hearing with the Division of Insurance Board of Appeal.
I had a hearing with the Division of Insurance Board of Appeal where i represented myself folling a DUI. My suspension was reduced from one year to 45 days upon the condition I get into a 24 D program. Once I enroll in a program do I simply bring it to the RMV and wait in line? Or will I need to do more at the RMV?
You should receive an official copy of the determination of the board of appeal with instructions. Follow them. If you...