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  • Raynham police arrest Marshfield woman after multi-t...

    Tuesday Jan 9 | via Boston.com 

    A 32-year-old reportedly suicidal woman was arrested Monday night after leading police officers on a car chase through several communities, including Fairhaven, Freetown, Dartmouth, and Lakeville, Raynham police said. Samantha Costa, a Marshfield resident, was charged with failure to stop for police, reckless operation of a motor vehicle, failure to stop at a stop sign, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and a marked lanes violation, police said in a statement.


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DUI vehicular homicide served 2yrs of 30mo. Sentence .Loss of license for fifteen. Yrs
56yrs old no priors is there any possibilty of a Cinderella restricted reinstatement of like a 7 to 7 .any such thing or am I just kidding my self. Live in mass and offense was in mass
It is next to impossible to get a hardship license when your license was suspended or revoked because of vehicular...
How can i get a purged dui document from the out of state where it happen ?
Im trying to transfer my drivers license to Massachusetts but they wont let me until i get proof of the incident from the states court which is florida. This happen in 2011 and i took the dui classes recently then i sent the paperwork from that down there had the suspension lifted then they said it was purged i tried call down to florida but they say its not showing up any more
I have no knowledge of Florida Law. You may want to repost this question in the Florida Criminal Forum. I can only...
How long will my mass liscense be suspended for an oui conviction in Rhode Island?
I refused a breathalyzer test in Rhode Island but the state is charging me with a dui which woud be my second offense due to having a prior first offense that occurred in Massachusetts. Even though i did not take the breathalyzer there is enough evidence (in the RI's court opinion) to charge me. My question is what will happen, susension wise, to my Massachusetts license. I just received notification from Massachusetts rmv that they are suspending my license indefinitely until i bring them paperwork of my license being reinstated in RI, a driving record from RI, and a court finding document.
You are not going to like this answer but. MA will mimic the loss of license in RI and subject you to a suspension as...
US citizen entering Canada with a dismissed DUI (0ver 10 years old)
Hello, I plan on traveling to Canada (Quebec and Montreal) at some point either this year or next year for leisure. I will only be there less than a week. My question is regarding a prior DISMISSED DUI from 2005 (over 10 years ago). Am I going to have any issues entering the country? I have records of completed probation and alcohol classes as well as a copy of my background check with proof of dismissal. I also have documents showing all applicable fees were paid and that my license was reinstated. This is the only thing on my record. I just want to try and find out what other documentation I will need before going or what you would recommend. Thank you for your time
You are asking a question about Canadian law on a US legal forum. According to your statement you satisfied your...
Do hardship restricted hours apply to a permit for the purposes of taking a road test to get a license?
My husband was granted a hardship license by the board of appeals. His hours are from 9PM to 9AM (he works overnights) He currently has a permit indicating these restricted hours. We were informed taking a road test would not be an issue (RMV opens at 9AM) and they would allow him to complete the final requirement for his license. We were denied the road test at the location/time scheduled (after confirming we would not have issues). I've been digging through Chapter 90 S 24, and cannot for the life of me find anything addressing this specific issue, and getting conflicting information from RMV. Is there anything out there that states that for the purposes of a road test the "Cinderella" hours are not applicable for a permit?
Without seeing the actual documents, and particularly the board of appeals decision, it's difficult to fully comment....
Can I call and pay a fine for a dui 14 years ago if I moved out of the state of New Jersey . I can't get a license in the state
Pulled over arrested for a dui, released moved out of the state of new jersey
I'm not a New Jersey attorney, but it's very unlikely you'll be able to just pay a fine. You need to contact a New...
My driver license was revoked in 2004 my charge was dui manslaughter the charge was in Orlando, Fla .
I have been living in Mass for the last three years and will like to have a car to get to and from work please help.
Your question implies you were convicted in Florida but if not, there is likely a warrant for your arrest. Under those...