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Can I go to Mexico with a felony DUI on my record?
I plan on going to Cancun Mexico this Winter, I have a felony DUI on my record from 13 years ago. Will I have any problems getting into Mexico?
If you have a valid passport and there are no warrants on your record you should be fine, but check with the US Customs...
Should she get a lawyer? What should she do?
My friend is on the 24/7 program. She says she's completely avoided alcohol, but her probation officers don't like her so they keep accusing her of lying, making little mistakes, and putting her in jail for days and days. Not sure what's true.
Its pretty easy to tell if a person is avoiding alcohol. They test them. If they fail then they clearly are not. If...
What should i do if i was arrested fro a DUI, and the next day the police question me about a hit and run?
arrested for DUI, and accused of a hit and run!! i had ran up on a curb and into a some rocks covered by a snow bank, which in turn broke my bumper cover. the police said they had some pieces of the car that left the scene, which was two or three blocks away from were i was arrested. i went back and recovered the pieces of my car from the snow bank the morning after they questioned me about it. im not really sure what to do here.
As a general rule, do not submit to any police interrogation without an attorney present. Politely decline to answer:...
What can I expect for a reasonable plea bargain? Is there any chance of a reduced sentence such as a reckless or wet reckless?
Arrested for a DUI 2nd in the state of South Dakota with a BAC of .097. My first DUI came 6 years ago and had an almost identical BAC. Neither of the arrests were a result of driving recklessly and no injuries were involved (first I was actually parked at a gas station, second I was doing 35 in a 25 mph zone). I have already completed an alcohol evaluation (which showed the lowest scores for an alcohol problem) and will start alcohol classes before the initial court appearance. I am a teacher and just recently obtained my principal license as well. This 2nd DUI could potentially keep me from every becoming a school principal.
If I were you, I'd hire a criminal defense attorney immediately. Not only is this your 2nd DWI making a worse outcome...
How can I get a free state attorney before my arraignment?
I have been cited to court for a misdemeanor (underage DUI involving a crash). The date for my arraignment is 3 weeks from now. I cannot afford a lawyer but if it is possible, I would like one for this first instance. My income is less than $3000 a year since I am a student.
Have you gone to the court and completed the application? http://ujs.sd.gov/uploads/forms/UJS-224ApplicationForCourt-...
Chances of reducing under 21 DUI
I am 20 years old, nearly two months from being 21. After not having drank for roughly 3 hours, I made the stupid decision to drive and visit a friend. I was pulled over for going 39 in a 30. It is our college homecoming weekend, so cops everywhere are especially on the lookout for drinking. I passed all field tests easily. Cop said all he needed was a breathalyzer and then he'd let me off with a warning for speeding. I asked to take a blood test instead, he said it didn't really matter and I'd be arrested immediately if I took the blood test, so I blew. I didn't think Id blow any numbers. I ended up blowing 0.035 and getting arrested. I have 0 previous offenses, I was extremely cooperative, and so close to turning 21. Is there any hope at all for a reduced charge? Im getting a lawyer.
You should inquire into youthful offender status. You BAC was in a range that could go either way, so you really...
Can they charge me with dui Well iI get all my medication prescribed?? None say don't drive on this med
Iv been arrested for dui second, which got me 2 probation violations felony. I had rolled my new car BC of a deer jumped in front of me and the next thing oI know I'm in a deep deep ditch. I called 911 and then I got these charges. They say BC of prescription medication, is how they can do this. Well I blew trip 0's and gave them 2 UA tests came back clean, and 2 blood tests will come back clean. I rolled my new car BC of driving to fast on a dirt road, I was completely honest. And still got arrested, so now my po want to revoke my 10 years probation and send me to prison. Oh I get adderal and perkcoset and prozaion. Thank you for whatever help I can get!!!!! Patience Cooley
You can be charged and convicted of DUI for driving under the influence of prescription meds. If the prosecutor can...