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If I drink one lite beer, will I fail a breathalizer?
I will ask a non-drinker to drive if 1 can of beer will cause me to fail the breathalizer test.
not likely to fail a breath test, but you still may be arrested if you are deemed to be under the influence. best to...
What is a OXTH 1034 investigation from cps
I have a allegation that states I was indicated for OXTH during a 1034 investigation. It goes on to say I was drinking and driving.
I'm not sure what you're referring to, but sounds like you might want to speak with an attorney in person if CPS is...
What is the process to get interlock device removed from my vehicle once I have the orders from the judge to get device removed?
I have followed through with contacting probation and have probation letter and orders from judge with seal for removal, I know I need to go to DMV, what else to I have to do?
It varies from county to county, but generally speaking your service provider will remove IID upon presentation of that...
I have a friend that is on Felony probation and just received her 4th DWI. What is she facing?
I have a friend that is on Felony probation and just received her 4th DWI. What is she facing?
Assuming that she has two prior DWI convictions in the last 10 years, she if facing a D felony with the possibility of...
Can I have this DWI dropped for lack of a speedy trial?
Was arrested in June of 2014 for dwi 0.8 . Went to court 2 times but my public defender could not reach a plea deal. Told by the judge that we would go to trial. I just got a letter with a court date ,from my public defender, In it he said he will meet me in court on the day of trial .it's been almost 2 years without a word from anyone .
It's possible. That is a very specific question dealing with the stated reasons for adjournments. Ask your current...
Any chance DMV forgets to reschedule this and drops the refusal ? Obviously this has big ramifications on the criminal case.
I had a DMV refusal hearing in January that was postponed because the cop did not show. Still no work on a makeup date.
No. It could take 6 months before you get a new hearing date, but they are not likely to forget about you.
How can I prove the arresting officer exaggerated the alcohol level on purpose to charge me with a misdemeanor ?
I was stopped first for supposed to be driving 47 in a 30 kph zone. Don't believe that is true due to the fact that I am very aware of my speed limits. But the was asked to step out to take a field sobriety test for which they say I failed and accused to refuse a sobriety test clearly was not true. Was asked to do a step step turn in my sons size ten flip flops and i were a size 6 shoe. Was never asked to recite the alphabet as put on arrest sheet that never happend. Was arrested and taken down to police station were I was told I blew a .07 and on my arrest sheet it says I blew a .17. Before leaving the police station I asked the arresting officer what was gonna happen he clearly told me that the one good thing was that I blew below the alcool level. But on my sheet it says other wise. I've never even had a parking ticket ever in my life. I value my life and the life of other especially my children.
You hire an attorney to represent you.