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A male family member a veteran with a drinking problem is on his third dui and has an interlock he wants to sell his car
Last week he called his female probation officer and informed her he wants to sell his car. She then said if he sells his car he will then be given a home ankle bracelet costing $400 dollars a month as opposed to the $ 80 a mo. for the interlock now how can he work ankled at home pay the probation officer monthly this 34 year old has spent his fines in jail went to a one mo re hab attended 40 mile one way dui classes what is the situation her 80 a month for the
Intervene to convince the parolee that the economic reality saves lost of dollars per month just by keeping the car
What are the penalties for serving an intoxicated person. and what would happen if that person later got in a wreak?
I'm a bartender, and I was just curious about laws concerning over serving someone. It's not always easy to determine weather someone is intoxicated. Especially in a dark loud invironment. We do try our best to cut off individuals that are obviously intoxicated. However there has been a couple times where we serve an individual who seemed ok, and immediately discover that person should not have been served.
The answer is that there is civil liability, normally, for continuing to serve an obviously intoxicated person. It is...
I have my trial for dwi tomorrow some dude killed 3 people last night in car accident because he was drunk. this will affect me
i am scared i have good chance to win my case, but i am scared that this happened the judge will be upset about drunk drivers and i will lose my case.
An unrelated car accident, should not have an affect on you at all at trial, but not having a lawyer to represent you will.
What other steps could I take if I can't afford to pay for my DWI classes I'm Unemployed and trying really hard to get a job.
Charged with DUI child abandonment had my son in car without a car seat the time of my arrest
I would go back to the court where you were convicted and explain to them you situation.
Is it possible to get a drivers license reinstated for a medical revocation?
My father is 95, and had his license revoked by a Dialysis physician, due to Atrial Fibrillation, and unstable blood pressure. He feels he has been wronged and would like to pursue the matter legally. What are his chances?
You can attempt to get him seen by another doctor in hope the diagnosis changes. The fact is that if he is suffering...
Will someone will be charged with aiding and abetting for loaning their car to a driver who requires an interlock device?
A relative from New Mexico is loaning her car to her boyfriend while she is out of state. Her boyfriend is required to have an interlock license, and she knows this. They have stated that the reason they do not have an interlock device is because it is too expensive. He regularly drives after drinking and may not have paid the insurance for the car that he promised to pay. We are concerned that the risk is high and so the goal of this question is to try to learn facts so that we may reason with her. If he is caught driving her vehicle, what is the likelihood that she will be charged with aiding and abetting? Are there any defenses that she would be able to use to avoid a charge of aiding and abetting?
I do not practice in New Mexico and cannot say whether your relative could, or is likely to, be charged with aiding and...
Unable to use ignition interlock in New Mexico due to Emphysema. Calibration at lowest setting. How do I get this waived?
I was charged with 1st DUI...state has law for ignition interlock to be kept in car for 1 year for first offense. Due to my health/COPD I am unable to start my car. Who can I speak with to get this requirement waived. My case is with an attorney and he says he specializes in DUI but does not have an answer for me aside from an enormous addtional fee. The case is being tried in the magistrate court, can this judge waive the interlock? I still have the MVD hearing...can the legal department at the MVD waive this requirement? Please help...I was so very disappointed that the attorney I chose not only could NOT help me with this...he failed to inform me about an appeal that I could have tried prior to all this.
There is no law that allows the judge to waive the interlock requierment. MVD can be asked to drop the revocation,...