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A male family member a veteran with a drinking problem is on his third dui and has an interlock he wants to sell his car
Last week he called his female probation officer and informed her he wants to sell his car. She then said if he sells his car he will then be given a home ankle bracelet costing $400 dollars a month as opposed to the $ 80 a mo. for the interlock now how can he work ankled at home pay the probation officer monthly this 34 year old has spent his fines in jail went to a one mo re hab attended 40 mile one way dui classes what is the situation her 80 a month for the
Intervene to convince the parolee that the economic reality saves lost of dollars per month just by keeping the car
DUI in New Mexico DMV will not issue a interlock license. I was asked to call Santa Fe the results were a revoked license for li
Is a revoked for life even possible? Will I need an attorney to drive again. Currently moving to AZ. On probation for 10 more months
Usually only when you have four or more convictions, and even then it is for ten years, which can be challenged in...
My fiance got a DUI in 2012 and an attorney suggested he should sign for voluntary deportation and he did .
My fiance got a DUI in 2012 and voluntarily signed his deportation he was sent to his country and he tried coming back and got caught so they deported him for 5 years he tried coming back again and made it back to the U. S he is currently here and got his license unsuspended with putting an interlock on his vehicle for 6 months the DUI has been the only thing he has had on his record, we are getting married soon and I am a US Citizen and we have 4 US Citizen children is there any way we can fix his legal status although he reentered the US illegally
No. As a multiple violator he must be out of the US for 10 years before he can be admitted.
Can Cyfd get a phone call and they follow up and talk to my kid. then let almost thirty days go bye and the ask me for a hair sa
I keep in contact with cyfd and because I was in my nursing class for three weeks I couldn't get out of class to take a drug test well once my class was over I called and they told me to go down and take a pee test, but when I got there they said I had to give hair and it was to go back 6 months yet aligations are not even thirty days ago, they took my kid from they never did one home visit. what do I do?
These are very difficult situations because children are involved. You need to contact counsel immediately before you...
I am attempting to obtain a New Mexico Driver's License but was told i had to talk to DWI unit due to TX DWI 10 years ago
Main detail is that I was not permitted to obtain DL without talking to DWI unit. Have current ND DL and have not had any subsequent charges on driving records. Completed multiple courses post TX DWI including ankle monitor for alcohol.
Sounds like you had best follow their advice--speak to a TX attorney in the county where the court sits: either...
What will happen if I fail an initial interlock breath test?
when I tried to start my car to go to school at 9:30 I failed my start up test. I waited two hours and tried again. It started and I went on my way. I am on probation. What will happen?
Did you retest? What did the score read? What is the history of your case? Talk to your attorney. If you can come up...
Could my husband be in jeopardy of losing his resident status if he had 2 prior DUIs (years ago) upon applying for citizenship?
A permanent resident since 1990, with the new administration, should my husband be worried if applying for citizenship now? He had two prior DUI's and a disorderly conduct, with the most recent being in 1999. Upon being a temporary resident, on two occasions he returned to Mexico for a 10 month and 6 month period, therefore laving a lapse in his social security. Upon requesting his driving record, there is no mention of the DUI's, I'm sure they are still on his record somewhere but we do not have proof other than his saying, yes those things did occur. Also being that no attention was paid in the state of MI when he renewed his driver's license, he has three variations of his name that were used on his identification (although it is correct with immigration) and to add to that, my children and I have his mother's last name. Making our last name different than his (his last name incorporates both his mother's and father's last name). Could you give me some insight as to where to request those records and would you recommend he even apply for citizenship right now or continue to renew his residency since I wouldn't want to chance his being deported. Thank you in advance for any help!
You can request the DUI case records with the court. You can call the records department of the court convicted him....