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I can't get into Canada because of my DUI's. It has been 14 years since I had my last DUI. I tried for a pardon and could't get
I went into Canada over ten years ago and because of my DUI record. I could not get in. What do I have to do to get back into Canada?
People can get into Canada with a DUI, it's just an extreme hassle. Before your trip, speak to the Canadian Consulate...
1st dui in Sd
41 yrs old. Just recently moved to SD 2 months ago I got dui in 1993 while going to college in Mt. Do I need attorney for suspended imposition or what should I do?
It is always a good idea to hire an attorney to help you through this. You can look for a local attorney and obtain a...
How do you ask for more time from the judge to get a lawyer for a first time offense
1st time DUI ..blew .1 legal limit .08
Judge I would like a continuance to retain a lawyer. He almost has to grant is as it's your Sixth Amendment right.
I got a dui in south Dakota 3 times the legal limit which involved another person that put him in the hospital. 1st offense.
Wreck my car down a major interstate. Went the wrong way hit a truck head on and put bodily harm to a guy.
I don't see an actual question posted. With what was stated, you should contact a dui attorney dui attorney...
If a person has 3 DUIs will they go to prison and for how long? if they servered 13 yrs military and have PTSD canthey gethelp
3rd DUI
It's difficult to say how much jail time might be involved without knowing more about each of the cases, including...
What is going to happen to me when i turn my self in for a warrent because i missed the 24/7 for the first time
it is m 2ed dui, i have not turned my self in yet bause i am scared i am goin to get jail time. i am a single mom. i have been been blowing for 10 months it was a honest mistake. i have not been in any other trouble i do go to consing on my own and i do go to a after care treatment on my own notg orderd by the judge
You should hire an attorney and a bail bondsman to help you out. If you have the bail in place before the hearing, it...
Is the pre-trial 24/7 program in South Dakota legal?
South Dakota has a 24/7 sobriety program designed to keep drunk drivers off the street. Typically it is used as part of a sentence and/or probation, but it is also used as a condition of bond. The program entails performing a PBT in the morning, and then a PBT in the evening time every day and charges the participants 1 dollar per PBT plus a dollar for a "states fee". My question is concerning the pre trial condition of bond. Does placing someone on the 24/7 program punish someone for their crime prior to being found guilty? Is this legal? If there is a violation of the program, the person is immediately placed in jail with no bond until they can see a judge.
While South Dakota's 24/7 program has not been challenged, I cannot see such a challenge being successful. The Court...