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1st time DUI ..blew .1 legal limit .08
Judge I would like a continuance to retain a lawyer. He almost has to grant is as it's your Sixth Amendment right.
Why can't I say I was just as impaired as he was- which is not at all. He obviously didn't pass either with all his so-called training and experience. So if he can't pass his own test, why should I be considered impaired if he isn't?
Hopefully you have, or will shortly have, a competent attorney to represent you. Nothing you've posted here provides...
41 yrs old. Just recently moved to SD 2 months ago I got dui in 1993 while going to college in Mt. Do I need attorney for suspended imposition or what should I do?
It is always a good idea to hire an attorney to help you through this. You can look for a local attorney and obtain a...
I went into Canada over ten years ago and because of my DUI record. I could not get in. What do I have to do to get back into Canada?
People can get into Canada with a DUI, it's just an extreme hassle. Before your trip, speak to the Canadian Consulate...
Wreck my car down a major interstate. Went the wrong way hit a truck head on and put bodily harm to a guy.
I don't see an actual question posted. With what was stated, you should contact a dui attorney dui attorney...
3rd DUI
It's difficult to say how much jail time might be involved without knowing more about each of the cases, including...
South Dakota has a 24/7 sobriety program designed to keep drunk drivers off the street. Typically it is used as part of a sentence and/or probation, but it is also used as a condition of bond. The program entails performing a PBT in the morning, and then a PBT in the evening time every day and charges the participants 1 dollar per PBT plus a dollar for a "states fee". My question is concerning the pre trial condition of bond. Does placing someone on the 24/7 program punish someone for their crime prior to being found guilty? Is this legal? If there is a violation of the program, the person is immediately placed in jail with no bond until they can see a judge.
While South Dakota's 24/7 program has not been challenged, I cannot see such a challenge being successful. The Court...