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Rules when on probation for vehicle assault / dui WA STATE
Daughter spent 1 year in prison for vehicle assault/dui . She was under the influence of alcohol. She is now on probation for 1 year , with 3 months left. She has been smoking weed a few times I just found out . Is this a violation of the probation.
That depends on what the conditions of her probation her. If they prohibit her from possessing or consuming controlled...
Can you tell me if there is a good chance in getting a pending DUI reduced to a reckless driving or thrown out in Lewis countyWA
My daughter was pulled over New Year's Eve weekend she had drank a total of 2 drinks several hours before leaving for home in her car. She was followed m pulled over taken to jail car impounded & blew just over legal limit but passed the road side test the officer was shouting at her & used force to scare her. It's her 1st offense
My experience in Lewis County in 2016 was the Prosecutor's Office was not amending breathalyzer tests of over .08...
Court wants me to get my licence back by my next court date on dec. 6 2016, but, the same court is going to be suspending it
Can they put me on jail for 90 days when I go to court on dec. 6 2016 because they want me to have my licence back then but that same court is suspending it for 60 days in dec. 5 2016. What can I do?
Talk to your attorney for sure. If this is your first DUI can you get an Ignition Interlock License? Have you checked...
Got a DUI 3 Years ago, will I ever be able to get a CDL or have a driving job?
I got a DUI in May 2013. I had the interlock for 6 months, completed all necessary requirements and had it removed. I received the DUI in Arizona. I have recently relocated to Washington state. I would like to pursue a career in log truck driving or something similar that may require a CDL. I have no other convictions or tickets. Is it possible for me to get the DUI removed from my record? Is there a certain amount of time I have to wait to do that, if possible at all?
Washington has no method to ever remove a DUI from your record. It sounds as though your DUI was in Arizona. You...
I was arrested on suspison of dui my 4 yr old was taken to police station and questioned without permissionis this ok for police
i was arrested for suspison of dui while in custdy me 4 yr old was taken by police and questioned about a theft they believe im involved in the police officer came to question me about said theft when i askedd why i was a suspect he told me my daughter had told him i stole from a store i then told him i didnt do that and kept quiet the officer then proceeded to say ill send your child to cps if you dont tell me about your involvment in the theft i said nothing then i was booked when test came back clean they dropped all charges but im now being investagated for retail theft. i would like to know if the police can start a investagation based on my daughters statement that was obtained by questioning her without permission and how long can they investagate befor charges have to be filed
They can start an investigation based on whatever they want. Whether certain evidence will be admissible against you...
I was in a car crash taken to the hospital forced to do a blood draw by state troopers and was not arrested due to medical issue
I was not arrested due to three broken vertebrae's and was not arrested after release from the hospital the officer gave a referral to the courthouse
Sorry to hear about your car crash and injuries. Do you have a question to ask?
On a second DUI I blew point 121 my last one was 6 years ago and I got a court appointed attorney what do I need to do for me
I was pulled over cuz my lights went out I waited about an hour or so before leaving the bar to drive my job requires me to have a driver's license so what should I do to try to keep my license
You are in a very tough position. A second offense DUI is tough, and the State will not give you any favors. The...