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Can I be charged with a DUI if not test where done?
I was pulled over for speeding I was told I was doing 39 on a 25 witch I don't believe and also the speed limit there is 35, I was told I would be getting a speeding ticket and they would let me go. I gave the officer a hard time about the ticket so he then added DUI to this ticket and had my car towed my guess is because of a beer can I was using to soak car parts in break cleaner to clean them. I requested to be tested for alcohol and they would not so no test were done and they let me walk home.
Yes, a person can be charged with a DUI when no chemical test is performed. This most often happens when the person...
Is a juvenile adjudication for DWI the same as an adult conviction for DWI??
My son was 16 when he was charged with DWI after a crash. He received an adjudication in juvenile court in Texas. He now is charged with a DWI in Colorado at age 27. In Colorado there is a mandatory 10 day jail term, so determination of this being a 1st of 2nd conviction is crucial to his case. His criminal record (rap sheet) shows the adjudication, but his Texas driving record does not reflect a DWI when he was 16 because the records have been sealed, but not expunged.
Well, in Colorado it does not matter how old the person was when they got a DUI conviction. The age of the person does...
I am on probation for my 1st dui and I made the mistake of drinking two days before a ua. What will happen if I fail the ua?
I am on probation for my 1st dui and I made the mistake of drinking two days before a ua. What will happen if I fail the ua?
It depends on your probation officer and maybe the relationship you have with him or her. If it's your first violation,...
International travel charged for DUI can be extradicted from Europe?
i have been arrested on nov. 1 for DUI (0.08%). i'm out of jail now but i should be present in colorado state court (daglas county) on november 9. I'm an italian citizen travelling back to italy tomorrow even if the judge says that i shouldnt leave colorado. Is there a way to mitigate and solve the situation with a lawyer whil i will stay in italy? This is my first offence for DUI and never had any other problem with justice in US neither in Italy. Can they request extradiciton for that?
No attorney can legally tell you to violate a court order and travel abroad. The best you can hope for is to hire an...
What happens when criminal summons mailed to wrong address?
1. My friend gave a false address to the court. The court issued a summons for a felony case he is involved in. Since he gave a false address (it doesn't even exist), will a bench warrant be issued if he misses the hearing? Or, since the summons has not been delivered, will they reschedule the hearing (first appearance)? 2. He is on probation for a felony offense. Is it illegal for him to give a fake address? Or does that violate his probation? What would happen if his probation officer is contacted?
Quite frankly, the fact you are asking for your friend and your friend is not.......says a lot about your friend. What...
What will happen if I miss any of my pre-trial UA's? What happens if i fail one? Is it better to miss a UA or fail one?
First DUI charge, no priors, was released from jail on a PR bond.
It's better neither to miss nor fail a UA. Either could get your PR bond revoked.
Okay so I got a dui in 2016 i want to get my license but there aking for a interlock and clases now ?
My case was dismissed In 2017 didn't have to do any probation or anything like that it's been over a year and I want to get my license back and there asking for a interluck and clases even tho I didn't have to be in probation is there any way I can get it with out doing this things I don't have a car and I don't work but my husband those that means I have to put it on he's car and he needs to go to work with that thing on it can someone please help me
The administrative process by which your license was suspended and the court process in which the criminal case against...