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Why was a "nunc pro tunc" not part of my plea deal?
Got 6 month restricted license in November 2010 from DMV for DUI arrest. Planned on fighting charge, changed mind and took plea bargain in March 2011. The Court handed me ANOTHER 6 month suspension which started in March. My attorney said there was a mistake and went to Vista to get a copy of the docket with the nunc pro tunc order on it but he didnt see it on the document. Assuming oversight, he asked the Judge, who responded "We don't Nunc Pro Tunc in Vista" and that its a "new policy" circa 2011. He tells me nunc pro tunc is automatic, despite the refusal of the court to oblige us "in writing" and that if pulled over, simply show a copy of his email and my original suspension paperwork and I shouldn't have any problems. Does this seem legit or made-up to cover his mistake? Advice?
Your case reflects the inexplicable result of California Vehicle Code 13352, which applies in this situation. I assume...
#3 DUI's in California ?
What happens is a person gets their third DUI in California. - only person hurt was him ... Thanks
It depends on the San Diego DA's office. It can be charged as a felony or a misdemeanor.
What's the current status on applying for citizenship with a DUI on record?
Hi, I got charged with a wet/reckless in 2014, did a short (~3mo) probation and got the records expunged in 2015. How would this affect my application for citizenship today? I've been eligible since early 2017 to apply under the 5 year green card rule, but I'm weary of the current administration and changes in the process. This has been my only arrest ever. Is there any point in waiting for that 5 year mark or simply apply as soon as possible and get it over with?
"Expungement" is worthless and irrelevant for immigration purposes. I would apply for naturalization now, provide "...
What happens when I go to court date on the yellow DUI citation?
I rear ended a truck and hit my head and when cops came, they had me do sobriety test-I do not remember-I hit my head hard, hard, was taken by ambulance to hospital where cop stayed with me for hours. forehead stitched. They did not take my blood alcohol with blood test for several hours. So it was spiked as my body does not metabolize alcohol well. I found out 2 weeks later it was .2. I never drive after a drink and am not sure why i ever would have, but i was not fall down drunk-noooooo excuse. I have not idea what happens when i go to the court date on the yellow slip? am i assigned a lawyer? can they put me in jail?
You can request a public defender. Better yet, you can hire a lawyer before the hearing.
Will previous misdemeanor DUI convictions affect my travel when I stop in Japan for a layover to the Philippines?
I'm traveling to the Philippines in January with a layover in Japan and I have previous misdemeanor DUI convictions. I was told Japan does not allow people in with DUI or criminal convictions. My question is; if I only stop in Japan for a layover will I still be able to get on my connecting flight? Thank you.
Unlikely it will cause you problems provided you don't have any outstanding warrants.
I have had an SR-22 since July of 2013 with Progressive. Do need to ask them to remove it.
I have had an SR-22 since July of 2013 with Progressive. Do need to ask them to remove it. Or bring it to their attention that they need to remove it? My policy is getting ready to renew.
I am changing the category to DUI so that someone who practices in that area can help you.
Odds of 1st time Dui getting dismissed. Clean record
Rolled into dui checkpoint asked to perform physical tests and passed ( no stutter or hesitation or slurring). Requested to do breathalyzer. Refused but scared into doing .Blew a .09/.08 . Never been in trouble.
Can't see what it would be dismissed. The DMV will suspend your license on that BAC. The City Attorney might reduct...