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  • Friends remember Serra High grad who died swimming i...

    Friday | via LA Daily News 

    The young Carson man appeared happy, taking his young nieces and nephews for an afternoon at the shore in Rancho Palos Verdes, said his longtime friend, Simon Barron. One video, shot by an older cousin, showed them walking on the rocks to the beach.


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  • A French WWII spy tells all

    Wednesday Jul 22 | via La Canada Valley Sun 

    Stories of heroics and perseverance filled La Caada Flintridge Country Club on Tuesday during a visit from Marthe Cohn, who joined the intelligence service of the French First Army and, posing as a nurse, risked death and slipped into Germany in 1944 to valiantly retrieve information on Nazi troop movements. Chabad Jewish Center hosted Cohn's visit in conjunction with her worldwide book tour for her autobiography "Behind Enemy Lines," co-written by English journalist Wendy Holden.


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  • City of Rancho Palos Verdes Reminds Residents of New...

    Friday Jul 10 | via Patch.com 

    Manhattan Police arrested a man they say found hidden keys to get into cars and steal wallets racking up more than $150,000 in purchases. Ringling Bros.


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Rancho Palos Verdes Law

Dui expungement
I had a dui 8 years ago and submitted the forms to expunge the record with the help of a public defender when i do recieve a court date whay type of supporting evidence should i provide
Your public defender would be able to give you that information. Most importantly make sure you've successfully...
Dui arrest?
I was pulled over a night after drinking with some friends which I shouldn't had done. I was a minor at that point. I got pulled over and the officer asked me if I was drinking. They did some test afterward and issue me a citation ticket and a form that says I was drinking under age. They then asked me if someone was nearby to pick me up since I couldn't drive, and I said yes. Then when the person arrive, I was free to go. Does this count as a arrest and will it show in my record? I Wasn't taken down to the station and they didn't call my parents, but will this still count as a arrest? Another thing is that a mail was send after a few days to my house from the CHP saying that I was arrested. But I wasn't taken to custody and no picture or finger were taken. does still count as an arrest?
Is CHP California Highway Patrol? Do you have a court date?
First DUI --I will probably choose a jail time instead paying fines. Will I be placed with a general or the random population?
Quite foreign topic for me. Are there any special jails,or cells for the people sentenced for DUI ? Scary option but currently have no choice
Sorry to hear you have no choice but county jail. You will be processed just like everyone else. DUI's with gangsters,...
What are the potential consequences of ignoring all court and DMV requirements imposed for DUI
Family emergency abroad, must leave immediately. What awaits me upon arrival back to the US ?
A warrant will await you and handcuffs. You can retain an attorney to recall the warrant before you attempt to return--...
I recently got a 2nd DUI on 7/18/2015. 1st DUI in 2008. What are the possibilities of getting it dismissed?
I got one DUI in 2008 in which I obtain a lawyer and the case was reduced to wet reckless. I completed all the requirements. I recently got a 2nd DUI on 7/18/2015 and I was wondering what are the possibilities of getting it dismissed. I was stopped for running a red light. My BAC was .11 at the scene (11:30pm) and .09 at the statio maybe 1 hour later or so. I hadn't eaten anything since approx. 7:30am and drank a small amount of alcohol around 10:30pm. I didn't take a blood test. I was stopped under a freeway, alot of traffic passing by, noise, and I was standing in water and on a slightly slanted street while doing the sobriety test.
In order to get this case dismissed, your only chances are a Not Guilty Verdict through a trial. Get a good DUI Trial...
DUI case- I intend to sell my car after being ordered to install the ignition device. Is this requirement irrelevant anymore?
My 1st DUI case--otherwise a clean record. Among the other customary penalties I was court ordered to install the ignition device. I have to go abroad for several months. Assuming I sell my car is the "ignition" requirements " not valid any more?
VC 23575 (j) Pursuant to this section, an out-of-state resident who otherwise would qualify for an ignition interlock...
Got a first time DUI want to know if I will be suspended twice.
I got a first DUI and my court case is in West Covina in September. I have a DMV hearing coming up this Friday and my blood alcohol was a .14. If I lost my DMV hearing and then have to plead guilty in court will I get my license suspended twice or just once? What should I do?
First of all, if you want any chance of beating either case (DMV and court), hire an experienced criminal defense...