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Is there any alternatives to doing group dui classes for someone with mental disorders. I am a multiple offender.
I have multiple dui's from 99, 04 & 07. I have enrolled in several programs but was terminated from all of them due to missing group classes. As of 2012 I'm now sober but finding out more about mental disorders I have and one of them being Bipolar and social anxiety, which was keeping me from being able to go to the group classes. I want to fulfill my obligations to the courts and DMV, but the group classes are a problem for me. is there any alternatives I could take or do in lu of this? I have a one year old and family have since moved and i have no means of getting around. Any advice on what i can do.
You should contact your attorney about this. The DMV is more rigid on the class requirements than the court, so it...
I am under informal probation under a dui case.i was caught with drug possesion twice before my upcoming dui case
i have 4 months left of my dui informal probation. later during my pobation time my home was searched and i was charged on sales of drugs.case pending comming up. I left the state for a vacaction and was charged with possesion of narcotics as well while on vacation out of state.
Please let us know if you have a question. One thing for sure, you need to retain an attorney and get into a treatment...
What are my options and penalties for a 3rd dui in a different county?
I hope someone can help me find an answer to my question. On February 1st, Superbowl Sunday, I was arrested and charged with my 3rd DUI while driving with no registration and suspended license. This occurred in San Bernardino County, Rancho Cucamonga. I was into my 4th year of a 5 year informal probation period from my 2nd DUI occurring in Orange County. I have to go to court in Rancho Cucamonga for my 3rd DUI arrest but also have a probation violation hearing in Orange County for the same arrest. My question is this: can I avoid jailtime? What are my options since this deals with two counties, two jurisdictions. I have a family to take care of and being irresponsible has put me in this situation. I’ve been attending AA meetings.
You need to do a lot more than attend AA meetings. 3rd DUIs come with a minimum of 120 days of custody. "Alternatives"...
When can I get my licence back.
I was convicted of 1st dui in 1999. I committed two more in 2007 but wasn't convicted till 3/2013. I have been suspended for one year. I currently only have two within 10 years now. If the conviction was over 10 years why was it suspended for 3 years.
The DMV holds all the cards regarding your license. Get in there and ask them when you can get a license. It's...
Dui sponge
I have 2 Dui in my record, for the last one I have a years left of probation The second one I was found guilty on trial Could it be possible to sponge the dui's from record ? Btw that's the only 2 times I have been in trouble with the law
First of all, California does not have a true expungement process (a complete erasure of the record), but does have a...
I am paying a dui fine I was late in one payment and I received a letter saying it was revoked can it happen
first dui
You probably received a letter that the fine is in collections with a civil assessment added or that your probaRion has...
What if a 20 year old who turns 21 in a month gets arrested for a dui after blowing .05?
What if a 20 year old who turns 21 in a month gets arrested in San Bernardino County for a dui after blowing .05? How does the court look at this?
He can be charged with VC 23152(a)(b), VC 23140, and/or VC 23136. The ultimate decision of what to charge him rests...