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Can a D.U.I charge be dropped if the C.H.P officers did not read someone their Miranda rights?
I have a friend who was rear ended on the freeway and ended up crashing her car, the other car kept driving and left the scene. The highway patrol came and arrested her but they did not read her, her Miranda rights and they also tried to tell her she was not hit by another car, is there any way the charges can be dropped or reduced since the officers may have violated procedure?
Miranda violations rarely result in a DUI case being dismissed. In fact, they rarely have any impact whatsoever....
My boyfriend has 4 dui's on his record his last one being 14 years ago why is the dmv still showing any of his dui's?
The dmv told us in order for my boyfriend to get his license he had to complete a dui class, have a breathalizer put in the car and a sr22. That is crazy because I thought there was a statue of limitations for DUi's and they only stayed on your record for 10 years? His last DUI was 14 years ago so why are they still showing on his record?
It is a myth that they come off the DMV record. The points come off three years after the violation date, and the...
I was arrested back in February and charged with DUI. I was not driving at the time of arrest.
There was no alcohol in my blood. It was a small amount of marijuana. I fell asleep at the gas pump. Last week, I plead no contest to dry reckless driving and was put on probation for three years and a fine. I wasn't assigned a prob. officer. Before that case was settled, I was involved in a car accident. The case was investigated and nothing happened until the first case was concluded. Five days later, I was arrested on a warrant for the accident and charged with VC 23152 a and b with great bodily injury (my friend was a passenger in the car and suffered injuries, but is fully recovered with no problems). Can I be arrested for a probation violation even though no crime was actually committed on probation, because I was arrested for an offense that occurred prior to the probation?
You can be arrested. The real issue is whether it will stick in Court. If you hire an attorney or ask for the public...
Is there a statue of Limitations as far as DUI's go in Calif.? How long does a DUi stay on your Record? Multiple DUI's?
My boyfriend has 4 DUI's on his record, 3 of which were misd. and one felony, no kind of injury's or reckless driving however 3 of them were for alcohol and the last one was a DUI for under the influence of meth in 2002. It has been 13 years since his last DUI. The DMV told us that there was no statue of limitations for DUI's and gave him a list of things he had to do before he could even think about applying for a license.
Convictions wil stay on his record permanently. We don't know what the list of things is, but if he wants his license,...
How to reduce first time DUI penalties.
I cannot afford a lawyer and the court determined i do not qualify for a public defender for some reason. I talked to the DA yesterday and asked if i can have all the discovery (except audio and other evidence taken by the officer) and i did receive everything, but i will be defending myself and i have no prior history. how can i get this reduced?? please help. incident details: i crashed into the sidewalk, due to excessive speed on a curved road. no injuries, arrested and 2 hours later blood was drown which came back at .16. field sobriety says i only failed 1 of 3 test.
You won't get that reduced. Period. Neither would an attorney. Sounds like a DUI. Period.
When can one request early termination of probation for first offense DUI? Does time count from time of accident or conviction?
I was convicted of a first offense DUI on June 2014 in LA County. The accident occurred September 2013. All terms of the probation have been met since January 2015, judge granted a year for all items to be completed.
It is usually best to wait until you have completed half of your probation before requesting an early termination of...
Is it true that Calif. state law says that after 10 years the DMV and courts can not use a DUI against you?
My boyfriend has 4 DUI's on his record its been 13 years since he got them so why is the DMV still holding that against him if they are not supposed to after 10 years.
Depends on how they are being held against him. They are no longer considered prints after 10 years. If he never...