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What do I do after receiving my first DUI?
I received a DUI in California. It was my first offense and I have no prior criminal record. What steps do I need to take for a favorable outcome, if possible?
The outcome of your case will depend on a number of things - too many to address in this forum. Because DUIs involve...
What should I do? What are my consequences? Will my license be suspended more than the 30 days I was told?
I got a DUI and I am 18 years old. My BAC was .09%. I got pulled over because one of the bulbs to display my license plate was out. The cop didn't wait 20 minutes until breathalizing me. Is there something I can do about that. I had red online that they need to wait a certain amount of time until breathalizing. He didn't tow my car or ask me for my driver's license, registration, or insurance.
You need to consult with a lawyer and contact the DMV immediately. There are ways to defend against DUI charges, but...
Will I face jail time for a DUI in CA?
Spent 10 hours in county following a DUI charge, suspected over.08 BAC, chemical test. Student in college, going to jail would make the semester impossible.
Yes you will face jail time with a maximum potential jail sentence of 6 months on a first time dui. Will you actually...
What should I plea for a DUI if I don't remember driving the car?
I was at a party in which I was beat up ending with one of my eyes to be completely shut. I had been drinking and next thing I remember was on the side of the freeway waving for help. So happened to be a police officer that I flagged down in which he asked me if I was driving the vehicle that was parked up the street from where I was. I told him that I didn't know that I just remember getting hit by some guys and then waving my arms for help on the side of the freeway. He didn't believe me since when he looked in my pocket I had the car keys but not recall driving the car at all. Now I have a court date and wanna know what I should plea I don't have any evidence to prove that I wasn't driving but again I wasn't stopped in the vehicle as well.
Have you considered hiring a local attorney to resolve this matter? Based off of these facts you may have defenses that...
What happen to me when I was late to submit my Proof of Enrollment for Wet Reckless class?
I got an order from the court that I need attend a wet reckless program. But I forget about it and now I decide to go to the DUI provider. They said that I was late on the enrollment date and need to get back to the court and ask for extension dates. The lady said that I need to take an appointment to speak with the judge. I was worried that are there any consequence for my action that being late on submit the proof?
Yes, there may be consequences because it is probably a probation violation. You're probably not looking at the wrath...
I got a felony dui in 2009. I want to know the likelihood on having it reduced to a misdemeanor.
I was dui and the police had to bump my car to stop me. I did 30 days in jail. I've completed probation.
If you never received any kind of a prison sentence on that 2009 DUI you can typically reduce it to a misdemeanor and...
I was removed from my DUI school, had to get reinstated, and lost my restricted license in the process. Any way to get it back?
My original DUI school made an error and said I hadn't made a payment in 21 days, removing me from the program. I was an idiot and didn't retain my receipt of payment, and the employee who made the transaction no longer works there. Manager refused to help me, regardless I got reinstated back in the program, but lost my restricted license in the process. Called DMV and worker tried her hardest to find a way to get my license back but could not. I have just been offered a job and have no way of getting to it without a car, is there any way I can try and get my restricted license back?
What does the DMV say you must do to get your license reinstated? That is exactly what you need to do. Is it finish...