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I am the only caregiver for my son. I have a new court date for a DUI
My daughter was able to stay with my son for my first Date but I was not on cal. so they told me to go home and wait for something in the mail. I have received a new date but my circumstances are different now. I have NO ONE to care for my son. My daughter works and goes to college. I can not afford to hire someone and I have NO ONE to care for him but me. He is 21 still in diapers does not speak words or have any real communication or follow Dir. he is also going blind and can not care for himself he needs 24/7 supervision. He has tantrums. is very loud in public places etc.. I can not bring him with me. I have never been in trouble with the law. Is there any other way to have my case heard? Can I write someone explaining and let them decide? I do not want to get a warrant for FTA I do not want my son taken away I'm scared and don't know what to do. Please help
First, this is not a family law question. Second, do you have an attorney? If this is a hearing on a DUI, you can get...
Will be able to reinstate my driver's license when I left the country for 4 years after DUI arrest?
2nd DUI conviction happened on 1/14/14 and won't be reinstated until 1/14/16 until I fulfill DUI requirements (SR-22, DUI class). However, around the time I got arrested, I had to leave the country for school. I won't come back to California until 4 years after. When I come back, will I be able to reinstate my license without having to do the DUI requirements?
You won't able to reinstate your driving privileges until you complete the 18-month second offender program and file an...
Today I want to court for a DUI back in 2010 and I never finished my community service and the judge wasn't happy she sentence m
I had a DUI back in 2010 I never took care of I did the class but I didn't have the prof at the time but I did do it just never finished the community service
I'm so sorry you are having to go through this. I would be happy to help you but I'm not sure what you are asking.......
What should I plea? and what do I do to get the least of everything? Cant do jail because of my son unless house arrest if need
Pulled me over for speeding then asked ?? yes I had drank the night before and had a bloody mary bout 3hrs prior to being pulled over. I had my ADULT special need child w me. I am the only care giver for my son he is 21. I am a single mom and I have NO one else to watch my son whom is still in diapers does not talk and needs 24hr supervision. My only income comes from IHSS for caring for him. I realy didnt believe or even think about that I may be impaired and I would not of drove. so but after st tests and breath he said I was well over limit and took me w my son to a station to be blood tested and cit released.
Go to court on the date ordered and ask the Public Defender to help you. Don't think you have to go it alone. I'm sorry...
Can a D.U.I charge be dropped if the C.H.P officers did not read someone their Miranda rights?
I have a friend who was rear ended on the freeway and ended up crashing her car, the other car kept driving and left the scene. The highway patrol came and arrested her but they did not read her, her Miranda rights and they also tried to tell her she was not hit by another car, is there any way the charges can be dropped or reduced since the officers may have violated procedure?
Miranda violations rarely result in a DUI case being dismissed. In fact, they rarely have any impact whatsoever....
When can one request early termination of probation for first offense DUI? Does time count from time of accident or conviction?
I was convicted of a first offense DUI on June 2014 in LA County. The accident occurred September 2013. All terms of the probation have been met since January 2015, judge granted a year for all items to be completed.
It is usually best to wait until you have completed half of your probation before requesting an early termination of...
I am under informal probation under a dui case.i was caught with drug possesion twice before my upcoming dui case
i have 4 months left of my dui informal probation. later during my pobation time my home was searched and i was charged on sales of drugs.case pending comming up. I left the state for a vacaction and was charged with possesion of narcotics as well while on vacation out of state.
Please let us know if you have a question. One thing for sure, you need to retain an attorney and get into a treatment...