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That has absolutely no money, no income. Would the person be placed in jail for the rest of their life if they could not pay fines, ect, ect?
No, you will not be placed in jail for the rest of your life, but you will have to get money together. You are in a lot...
it was not stated in the requirements for my probation, can i be violated if i don't go to the meetings?
PO's have some authority to set the terms and conditions of probation. Generally, I would say that you want to keep...
they said i had to have the breathalyzer for 12 month, but if i didnt own a car i could get my license but not drive and wait the 12 month and be leagle to drive again
Any vehicles registered in your name will have to be equipped with ignition interlock unless you qualify for one of the...
My incident occurred in another county. CRN is scheduled in that county. Who will tell me where to do the community service and driving school as I have no where to live in the county in which the incident occurred? Where do I find out that information? Cannot switch attorney at this point and I am not getting answers.
The court in the county where the DUI is being handled is generally where you have to do safe driving and community...
DUI and possession of a small amount of marijuana and paraphernalia would be the charges, if it matters. Any other advice you could give me would be great.
Sorry, but the filing of criminal charges is public information. Worse, the Sun-Gazette is pretty thorough about...
I had Dui and am currently trying for ARD. I am scheduled for CRN. At what point will my lisence be suspended or does this happen when I get a hearing or trial? Does one get an offical notification of such?
Please await a response from an attorney who practices in Lycoming County; I'm in the western part of the state and am...
My husband has had 3 dui's, 1 underage and driving while on suspension . 2004, 2009 and 2011. He is currently on DUI court and has 4 months left. According to his restoration letter from penndot this suspension should be completed in 2016. He's been looking for a new job to provide better for our family but everything requires a valid drivers license. We want to know if there is anything we can do to get him some kind of license back.
No. He is not eligible for an OLL due to the number of convictions.