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How can I avoid going to Trial for my 1st DUI? Can I take the plea and avoid the trial?
Got a misdemeanor DUI and have a plea hearing tomorrow. If I take plea deal then and there can I avoid going to trial?
Yes, when you enter a plea of guilty or no contest you waive your right to trial. If your guilty or no contest plea is...
I was just arrested for 1st offense OWI in Pottawattamie County Iowa. If I get a lwayer is there a chance of getting it dropped
This is my first OWI offense and I have no prior record. My BAC was taken at the jail and I was told that I blew .18 however they wrote .196 on my citation. They stopped me for improper use of lanes and then told me they were taking me for OWI. Please advise if I would have a chance of getting this dropped or atleast reduced to reckless driving.
This question is difficult to answer without a full analysis of your case. In Colorado, and across the country, there...
Wash out law for DUI in Nebraska
I got a DUI a few days ago. I read about a wash out law that a conviction goes away after 15 years. This law according to the website I read says it was put into law in 2012 my last DUI was in 2004. Does this make me exempt from any prior DUI's?
The "lookback" period in Nebraska is currently 15 years. What that means is that convictions for DUI or Refusal that...
How can I get out a a DUI when I wasn't driving
I got a DUI while passed out in my truck. I wasn't driving I was sleeping. The keys were in the ignition and the vehicle running. Can I make a case and try and get out of it?
You need to consult with Nebraska DUI counsel. There is no way we can answer that question without seeing the police...
Can i get credit for the 2 yrs fro time of arrest {2001) until covicted (2003)
i cant really afford interlock on SSI, and ive been without a license for 15years today
This all happened over a decade ago, and you are just now asking this particular question ? You get credit for time...
Can i apply for my citizenship with DUI in my records?
Hi everyone, I got a DUI last april and i have paid the fine , taken all the requirements and done with probation 6 months probation periods. Its my first DUI. Can go ahead and apply for my citizenship ? Thanks.
You should not apply for citizenship (form n-400) without having your record reviewed by an attorney beforehand, given...
What are the consequences in Nebraska for DUI and what is the best way to go about defending.
My brother was in an accident and is being charged with a DUI
Your brother needs and experienced DUI attorney and should not talk to the police without the advice of an attorney....