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Is prosecutor unethical and would you recommend I take this case to trial? I just need another opinion!
I have been fighting a marijuana DUI charge for 3 years now. 2 months ago, the prosecutor offered my lawyer to have me serve only probation and a fine, as I found out the tape of the arrest had been tampered with. (I have plenty of evidence). Today I had court and...all of a sudden...the prosecutor retracted the prior offer, and decided I deserve 6 months of house arrest (including weekend jail time) instead. Since the time of my arrest, I was diagnosed as bi-polar and have been on Lithium which changed my life. I have not been in trouble since. I now own my own business, which operates 24 hours, 7 days a week (computer consulting and forensics). I just got married, and have elderly parents to take care of. How can he not take all of these things into consideration? Is this unethical
There is nothing unethical about a prosecutor revoking an offer that has not been accepted. You never detrimentally...
DUI in PA appyling for License in IL
My son has a restricted PA license for his 2nd DUI. We have moved to Chicago Illinois and want to get an Il license. His Pa license has an INTERLOCK restriction on it. What will happen when he surrendors his PA license when applying for his IL license? Will IL isssue a license with the same restriction, will they deny it etc.
IL will deny because the underlying privilege in PA revoked(as nearly as one can tell in your narrative). He might...
I have recently caught a DUI in Chicago I have a DUI conviction in the state of Washington in the year of 2001 I have an arrest for a DUI in the state of Washington and 2007 but no conviction as of yet I wanted to know if those convictions in the state of Washington county in the state of Illinois
To varying degrees for varying purposes. For sentencing purposes it's a second offense or maybe third since I don't...
What is a look back period for DUI. In illinois
I have 2 DUI in WA state and recently caught 1 in Illinois. The 2 in WA state was in 2001 and 2007. The 2007 is still open. Active warrant no conviction yet. Am I considered to have 3 DUI now. If so can I get probation. My DUI in Illinois which occur on July 12 2016. And what is a look back period for Illinois and WA state. Thank you.
Look back is lifetime history.You are considered a 1st time offender for summary susp purposes if no prior dispo within...
Does Dui court supervision affect my insurance?
I was arrested for DUI in January 2014 in Illinois. It wasn't in my car nor was I on my parents insurance yet. Received court supervision February 2014. Completed court supervision successfully February 2015. I am getting ready to buy my first car soon and getting my own insurance. Will the court supervision affect the price?
Less the Court supervision than having had a dui, and then age and gender and lack of insurance history. In other...
What is likely outcome for IL (Chicago) DUI first offense with clean record?
I went out with a couple co-workers last night and we had a several drinks at a local restaurant. When leaving I forgot to turn on my headlights, and I was pulled over less than 2 blocks away. The officer said he smelled alcohol and my eyes were red, so he pulled me out for tests. I thought I did fine... nonetheless he stated he believed I was impaired and arrested me for DUI. At the station I blew a .18. In the morning I was released on recognizance and did not have to post bail. This is a first offense. 33 years old. I have no prior arrests for anything and a clean driving record; my last driving infraction (speeding ticket) was over 7 years ago. I hired an attorney who said the above is good. He also said the District 1 courthouse (downtown Chicago) is a good venue because the DA is very "workable." He said if we can't get it dropped, we can most likely get it reduced to reckless driving. My question is: Supposing it ends up being reduced to reckless driving charge, what else comes with that? I didn't have a lot of time to ask him questions. Am I looking at any jail time? An ignition device? Just trying to brace myself for the worst case scenario.
Not all duo attorneys are equal. Not all judges sentence the same way. You should retain a competent dui attorney to...
IL DUI: Is there a grandfather clause related to the Illinois "no look back"?
About what year did Illinois change to DUI's always counting towards sentencing, and does a grandfather clause help exclude incidents before the change? (Note: In 1984 courts were required to report the the Sec of State, but that doesn't answer the question) In brief: I understand "permanent" DUI records never go away, but does an early 1980's event get eliminated based on the laws changing at a later date?
The changed occurred in the 1990's - it had previously been a 10-year look back before we went to lifetime. Short...