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I lived in Minnesota and had a b card lisence..I now live in Iowa..but may move back to mn..will I again have that restriction?
Had a DWI in June of 2008 and injured a friend..it was a felony but was later dropped for completing probation with no violations. I also had dwis in July of 97 and august of 2000.
You may want to re-post your question with a Minnesota location to put it in front of more Minnesota licensed attorneys....
Is there anything I can do.
Feb 12, 2014 my kids were removed due to inconsistant negative UA's and not attending outpatient groups as directed by dhs. I admitted myself in a 30 day residential treatment Feb 14, 2014 which I am happy to say i completed. Since that time I have attended groups on a regular basis and provided 3 UA's weekly starting march 17 2014- July 2014. All of my UA's were negative no questions. Aug2014 they only asked for 1 per week sometimes 2 which I never refused nor missed. On sept 15, 22, and Oct. 1 my UA'scame back dilute, low creatinine, and dilute. When confronted the only thing that was differant was I was taking antibiotics due to being sick. (I was told it was only an excuse and illogical) after all uas been neg they took hair stat Jan 30 came back Feb 6 positive 1580. I have not used.
Get yourself an attorney to investigate the testing texhniques being employed and get a private test done. Also request...
Can you get DWI after the fact?
I was driving home after meeting my friends for some drinks. On the way, I was pulled over for a faulty headlight. The officer asked me to blow into a Breathalyzer after noticing I was wearing a couple bar wristbands. I was over .08 after I blew. The officer did not further conduct any field sobriety test nor take me to the station. Instead he had my car parked and drove me home. Can I receive a DWI later in the mail?
Probably could but it is not likely. He didn't do any additional tests and there is always a question about the...
I had a owi 9 years ago in Illinois but had a discharge and now in the same state so how do work out.So what is the difference
So what is the difference between discharged and dismissed in the court system.
I would like to read the document you are referring to in order to answer your question. Did you comply with all terms...
What is the typical sentence for your fourth charge of driving while barred
No accidents nothing three years ago I got three driving while barred . My license was suspended for unpaid fines and it just spiral ed out of control but a couple months ago I got my fourth driving while barred because I drove to my kids school two blocks away and pulled over to take a call and a cop pulled up behind me to make sure I was broke down but I havent had any driving problems in three years since my last one what kind of trouble am I in.
In Florida it could be filed as a felony. Most of the time the State will drop it to a misdemeanor, but you will most...
How can I minimize the fines for my DUI?
I recently got charged with DUI. I don't have a very good income and I've heard of people paying over 5,000$ in total fees. I barely make that in 6 months. Is there a way to make that price drop a lot lower?
You should consult some experienced DUI attorneys in your area. Use the "Find a Lawyer" tab at the top of the page for...
Can I expunge my record if I was charged with an OWI first offense and plead to lesser sentence of a public intoxication?
I was charged with an OWI first offense (321J.2(A)) and pled to an amended charge of public into, simple misd, 123.46. It has been done since 9/2012. And I have had no other criminal charges since then. I want this off my record for obvious reasons with my future career. Do I need a lawyer to complete this or can I do it on my own? What would be the steps?
Use the Avvo "Find A Lawyer" feature to search for a qualified criminal defense and/or DUI defense attorney in your...