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What do i need to know about representing myself and asking for a deferred prosecution?
I am a 22 year old female with no priors, i have been charged with a DUI controlled substance, i was asked not to lie therefore i told the truth, at the time the cop pulled up on me i was actually parked texting my bf to find out which waffle house he was at so that he could drive me home. i didnt know that the anxiety meds my mom had given me would have such a strong effect on me. i have a full time management job and i am prepared to throw myself at the mercy of the court and do whatever it is i have to. it would be nice not to have this on my record any advice would be much appreciated. given i have court tom. on this issue.
If they have deferred prosecution, you should ask for it. If not, they have to prove you guilty. If no blood test,...
, what should i expect going to court on a driving under the influence of a controlled substance charge? do i need a lawyer?
do i need a lawyer? this is my first offense, i am a 22 year old female. i was under the influence of a nerve pill, which i did not have a perscriptiton for. im really worried, i need to know how much money i need to have for court, what are the reprecussions if i plead guilty without a lawyer. or do i just need to find a lawyer anyway?
First Alabama DUI 1st Drunk Driving Conviction Imprisonment – Up to 1 Year or, Fine – From $600 to $2,100 or Both...
Dui Reckless endangerment charges were dropped how do i get my cdl liscense back
Had a dui and reckless endagerment charge. went to court and charges were dropped. State has cdl liscenses how do i get my cdls back?
It appears that you have ommitted some facts. Was your CDL disqualifed after submitting to (or refusing to submit) to a...
Had a DUI in North Carolina in 2001, nothing sense ?
DUI in North Carolina in 2001. Can I get my liences in Alabama ?
Yes. As long as your NC license is in good standing and not suspended or revoked.
What happens if your case is bound over to the grand jury for drugs first time offense. Do you do jail time
I was picked up for unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia, dui, driving on wrong side of road and driving while license was revoked. This was my first time being picked up for drugs. What do I expect to have happen, my attorney cannot come that day.
These questions are for the attorney you retained. Your attorney or his/her associate should be there with you.
If you live in Alabama and on probation supervised and fail for weed and meth how long will you get
I just need to know if you was to fail a drug test for weed and meth how long would you get
Depends. There's no set time for a specific violation. You face up to the amount of time you could've gotten on the...
I am on a derversion program. In Huntsville , all. Level 1 how long will be on color code.
I am on a deversion program. For a DUI its my first one. I Huntsville,all. Level 1 how long will I be on color code
Did you have an attorney helping you with this DUI case? If so, you should ask your attorney, who would be in the best...