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My DUI case was dismissed, but I did receive the refusal to blow. My lawyer said he could get it reduced to reckless, should I?
2 separate charges, DUI and refusal. DUI was dropped in court but my license is suspended for a year due to the Refusal. Should I try the reckless or stay with the refusal? Which one looks better? I could also get the license back in 6 months with VASAP if I choose the reckless route.
The scenario you describe is unusual and I suspect you misunderstood your attorney. Generally, when an offer of...
Underage college party, upon exit they breathalyzed everyone with no option or rights. Is that legal?
Im 18 in virginia. The cops had everyone leave the basement party and at the exit they asked people their age then breathalyzed everyone with no option or rights being stated. Then proceeded to write citations for everyone underage.
This most likely an illegal search and there is no basis for the citation. A patron’s mere presence at an establishment...
How long do I have to complete VASAP?
I got a reckless driving ticket in January and am required to take VASAP, my license has been suspended for a year and I was just wondering how long I have to take VASAP. I'm in no rush to get my license back I can wait the full year since I mostly use the metro. However, I obviously don't want to get in trouble with the court. Do I have a year to complete my VASAP?
If you are on criminal probation, you most likely have the entire term of your probation to complete the program. If...
What is the punishment for getting charged for an underage posession of alcohol charge if your already on probation for a DWI?
I recently was issued a summons for underage posession and littering in a completely different city than where I was charged for the DWI. However the incident involving the DWI happened in August of 2009 but I just recently got that sorted out in the court system this August. I understand I violated the probation associated with it but Im just wondering what will happen to me. I am a full-time college student and I work 30 hours a week as well.
Your penalties for Underage Possession and your penalties for Probation violation are two separate things and each will...
What can I do to contest a DUI charge in Virginia?
I submitted to FSTs and roadside breath. Refused breath/blood at station. Transported to the hospital after having an anxiety attack. I am also in the military and facing several issues as well.
You can retain an attorney. It's futile trying to do anything on your own. If you knew the law you wouldn't have...
Legal Liability DUI - post separation
My wife's a drunk. She hasnt had a DUI yet, but drinks and drives all the time. I used to take her keys away and lock them in the safe on a regular basis while we were together. During the 6 years we were together I think she was hospitalized for falling down the stairs twice and for alcohol detox with DTs 3 times (Or something like that, I lost count). Now that we're getting separated and I've found a place to stay, I kept her keys because I feel that I would still be liable if I let her drive. Is that correct? Can I address this in a separation agreement or do we need to re-title the cars and re-do the loan first? What if she gets a rental car on her own credit card?
Are you talking about civil or criminal liability? If you are this concerned then I suggest that you get into a...
If a cop doesn't give you a DUI at the scene or inform you of your BAC or results of your other tests, what should I do?
I was given a reckless driving and possession of alcohol ticket. I am 19 and my parents don't know that I was drinking while driving. I have been told my BAC will be brought up in court, but I wasn't given it. I was given other tests and wasn't told if I passed. I understand they tried to give me another chance by not charging me with a DUI, but can they still when I get to court. I have never had any prior charges with the law of any sort and have good grades and no accidents prior to this. I understand I deserve a punishment but would like to understand to what extent this could be. While the punishment does vary judge to judge, I was wondering if this will get taken off my record somehow since it is NOT a felony because they didn't charge me with a DUI.
Go ahead and tell your parents about this. They will help you hire a good lawyer. A conviction for this will stay on...