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Just received 8th offensive driving w/o a license 1st owi,reckless driving will he face jail time or needs a lawyer
Friend has his license suspended and he just got into a car accident he is being charged with his 8th offense driving with a suspended license 1st owi and reckless driving will he need a lawyer also will he be facing jail time. I am trying to help him and want to know if he needs a lawyer. can someone help
Yes, he absolutely needs a lawyer. The question of how severe the penalties might be will depend on some of the...
Can the state of wisc hold previous dui offense against you if they occurred in the state of fla
Previous dui convictions in another state, previously dui convictions in 1989,2000 and 2004.
It is certainly possible. Whether the prior convictions can be used depends on specific facts unique to each case. You...
Can my husband's DWI case be thrown out or retried due to the state/jail NOT taking him to his mandatory court appearance?
Last spring my husband violated his parole by getting a DWI. He was arrested on May 5th, 2014, and his mandatory DWI court date was June 12, 2014. He was still at Racine County Jail awaiting transfer to Dodge Correctional when he was suppose to be in court for his DWI. The court and/or the guards never took him to his hearing. As a result, it was ruled he was a "no-show" to a mandatory hearing, and he was given the maximum sentence for having a blood alcohol level of 0.15. Due to being incarcerated, he never went through the court ordered alcohol assessment, which resulted in his drivers license being permanently revoked. My husband is currently at McNaughton Correctional Center serving the remainder of his 4 year sentence. He still has not had his day in court for his DWI charge.
This was apparently a first offense OWI chargeu in Wisconsin. If he takes prompt action, he can get the case reopened....
Revokation hearing with court commituiner
Once u have a revokation hearing in front of a Cout comitioner. how long will it take until u know if u being revokation or not and does the court commituiner do there own investigation?
I believe I answered this same question a few weeks ago. First, a revocation hearing is done in front of an...
Is there anyway to restructure my drive safety program?
I was convicted of OWI(marijuana) 6 months ago and am eligible for my license in a few days. When I met with Racine Behavioral Health Services for my driver safety evaluation, the woman I met with told me I would probably have to go to about 6-8 sessions of an outpatient rehab. However, I have been to this outpatient 11 times and past every drug test, but the rehab says they want me coming in every week until December of 2015. I think since I am a well paying customer to them($75 every week) that they do not want to release me. Is there anyway to restructure the terms of a driver safety program and/or what other options might I have.
Your attorney might be able to intervene with the government agency which referred you if there is good evidence that...
Can a DUI charge be reduced after the fact in WI?
I recieved a DUI in wisconsin about 10 years ago. Paid my fines on time, and taken all required assesments and classes to get my license back. I've had a perfect record since then outside of a single speeding ticket. Is it possible to get the charges reduced, or expunged at all after the fact?
You are probably going to need an attorney file a motion at the very least. You should strongly consider speaking to an...
Pulled over for DUI, had tobacco while drinking, and during field breathalyzer
I was out last night, and between 10 pm and 1 am I drank 2 beers. While drinking the last beer, I had smokeless tobacco in my mouth. It was still in my mouth when I was pulled over. I blew on the portable breathalyzer the officer had, and the tobacco was still in my mouth (he never asked if I had anything). Could there be enough alcohol in the tobacco to put me over the legal limit? I blew a .109, and then had a blood draw. I do not have the results of the draw yet.
It is possible that the chew retained enough alcohol to cause the PBT to read high based on residual mouth alcohol. It...